Day 27 MCO – 13th April 2020 Malaysia COVID-19 Update

We are at the supposed 2nd last day of the MCO, however it will be 15 days to do before the official end. Things are getting worse in Asia countries while situations are slightly improving in Europe where it seems that the lockdown is showing it’s effect with lower rates of new infection and deaths.


  • +134 > 4817 Total Confirmed Cases (5.8% from total tested)
  • +1 > 77 deaths
  • +168 > 2276 recovered (47% of total)
  • 66 ICU (36 require ventilator)
  • Active Cases: 2468
  • 83488 tested so far
  • 23915 total tested from Tabligh cluster
  • 1850 positive (38% of total cases)
  • 19734 negative from Tabligh
  • 2 related sub clusters are identified in Kuantan.
  • 201 cases in Kluang, this are will be monitored more closely with EMCO.
  • Hulu Langat sees another 24 cases, 224 cases total
  • Menara City One has 39 cases, sees 8 new cases.
  • Selangor Mansion has 82 cases, sees 7 new cases.
  • +6 cases in Kuching cluster bringing total to 50 cases.
  • Total of 69 sporadic cases as of today.
  • 956 ventilators in Malaysia currently.
  • 12 recovered patients has stepped up to donate their blood plasma for their antibodies.
  • 88% of positive cases in Malaysia are asymptomatic and mild symptoms. (Source)


  • Call Talian Kasih 15999 or Whatsapp 0192615999 if you need help regarding domestic abuse especially during this MCO period. (Source)
  • MITI website crashes as over 100k applications to reopen businesses overload the servers. (Source)
  • Maxis offers fiber pre-installation package where those who are pending their Maxis Fiber installation will be receiving a loaner router and 4G sim card with unlimited data for 2 months. (Source)
  • Philippines officially pass Malaysia having the most COVID-19 cases in ASEAN countries.
  • The government as made a U-turn. Barbershops, optical shops, and Ramadan bazaars are banned even in green zones from operating in Phase 3 of the MCO. (Source)
  • 3 Penang men gathering for a chat fined RM1k per person. (Source)


  • Lockdown is not the way to fight the virus. Screening is. Read more here.
  • Singapore starts to fine establishments for breaching safe distancing measures. (Source)
  • 11 recovered patients in Singapore to donate blood plasma with antibodies to potential help other COVID-19 patients. (Source)
  • Some good news today, France has allowed people to go outside to adopt a pet from animal shelters. (Source)
  • Indonesia sees 2.8 million people unemployed since the pandemic begins. (Source)
  • NYU scientists finds that obesity the single biggest factor in complications with COVID-19. (Source)
  • MIT PhD Dr Shiva Ayyadurai slams Dr Fauci for his method of locking down the country and pushing vaccine in order to profit the pharmaceutical companies than actually trying to fix the root cause of the issue here which is to strengthen the immune system. (Source)
  • Social media campaign asking to #FireFauci is now on the way as he is allegedly avoiding the true conversation about strengthening the immune system and hiding the true facts of the virus with over-reporting case and death counts in order to profit pharma companies. (Source)
  • Indonesia has announced a Rp 405 trillion COVID-19 budget. (Source) (Source)
  • Steve Bannon’s Twitter account is now suspended due to his anti-Chinese stance, another case of Twitter playing god. (Source)
  • Indonesians suit up as ‘Pontianak’ ghosts to scare people to stay at home in villages. (Source)
  • Marijuana just got decriminalized in Virginia amidst the pandemic. (Source)
  • Many Muslims in Pakistan defies the lockdown to go to mosques for prayers. (Source)
  • Interesting viewpoint from the other side on the current pandemic situation in an article on Medium.

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Day 17 – Phase 2 MCO – 3rd April COVID-19 Update

We are 11 days from the end of the MCO. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +217 > 3333 Total Confirmed Cases (58 from Tabligh)
  • +3 > 53 Deaths (1.59% Death rate)
  • +60 > 827 Recovered (24.8% recovery rate)
  • 118 ICU (54 cases require ventilator)
  • 47723 Total Tested
  • 36125 Negative
  • 8265 Pending
  • ZERO cases from the 138 KKM staffs that are infected with COVID-19 are caused by their work. Good job to the government supplying proper PPE and the hardwork of the healthcare workers to take absolute precautions. (Source)


  • Sepang, Kuala Selangor, Alor Gajah, Kota Samarahan now considered orange zones and would be sanitized. (Source)
  • Some feel good news, citizen treats Grab rider to BurgerLab meal via the app. (Source)
  • Online appointment and Webinar for COVID-19 initiatives to begin as MOH signs MoU with 4 online health service companies to alleviate the stress on healthcare services and to enforce social distancing. (Source)
  • There will no mass gatherings even after the MCO is lifted this 14th April. Say goodbye to Bazaar Ramadhan, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and many more for at least a year. The earliest time the vaccine can be injected in our arms are most likely to be mid of 2021. (Source)
  • Sarawak assistant transport minister has tested positive for COVID-19 after knowing that his maid has tested positive. He has no symptoms and currently under quarantine. (Source)
  • Sabah government confirms that they are not allowing Ramadan bazaar to go on. We may be looking at even a larger boom in delivery businesses for food. (Source)
  • Good to see local companies are donating to the government to tackle this pandemic. (Source)
  • MBPJ congratulates people of PJ for abiding the MCO. (Source)
  • Pahang’s regent Tengku Mahkota forgoing 6 months of his allowance to COVID-19 fund. (Source)
  • Prices of surgical masks are skyrocketing. Watson stores are selling 4-ply masks for RM15/5 pieces. (Source)
  • Our National Zoo (Zoo Negara) is looking for donation amidst this crisis as people are no longer visiting the zoo. (Source)
  • You can call the PR and Marketing Department of the Zoo at +603-41083422/7/8 or email at
  • Stay strong police (Source)
  • Perak receives 11 million from GLC and private bodies to fight COVID-19. (Source)
  • Sabah villages gives away their surplus produce to neighbors during the MCO. (Source)
  • 97 wet markets are to be tightly controlled around the nation. (Source)
  • Hospital bed hospitalization reaches 40%. (Source)
  • Everyone should be wary of Malaysians coming home from Singapore as the circuit breaker efforts beginning next week. (Source)


WHO Head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pictured here blinded by China’s influence. (Illustration by Eric Chow)
  • WHO continues to show major influence from China as they refuse to talk about Taiwan and their effective measures against the COVID-19. (Source)
  • Follow my twitter or BNO to seek for the latest update
  • 1 million confirmed cases reported globally. (Source)
  • Thailand imposes nationwide curfew on 10pm to 4am daily starting on Friday. (Source)
  • USA and Spain leads the death rate as global death count reaches 50k. (Source)
  • Our neighbor, Singapore announces partial lockdown starting from 7th April (next Tuesday) for a month as cases keep rising with no trends of slowing down. (Source)
People stand behind markers as they practice social distancing while queueing up to buy food at a supermarket, during the outbreak of coronavirus disease (Covid-19), in Singapore April 3, 2020. — Reuters pic
Kiasu people queuing up for supplies right after PM Le announced the lockdown. (Photo: MalayMail)
  • UK recorded 4450 new case and 684 new death from yesterday. This is alarming! (Source)
  • NYC sees 10482 new confirmed cases and 397 new deaths in their morning update. (Source)
  • Philippines’s President Duterte warns against violating lockdown by saying to ‘Shoot Them Dead’. This might sound harsh but it’s actually a smart move. Authoritarian power is what we need to curb this invisible enemy. (Source)
  • Youtube Kids boomed in watch hours and in-app spending during the lockdown. Netflix too sees a huge increase of app installs in Q1 2020. (Source)
  • Netflix sees 19 billion USD increase in market value as Disney sees 88 billion USD decrease in market value as people stop going out to Disneyland. (Source)
  • Africa will be the worst hit continent by the COVID-19 there are still rampant starvation going on. (Source)
  • Hong Kong eateries are feeling confused with half open shops to enforce social distancing. (Source)

Day 13 MCO (30th March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +156 > 2626 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +3 > 37 Deaths
  • +91 > 479 Recovered (Most in a day so far)
  • 94 ICU (62 Require breathing support)
  • 8213 Total Pending result
  • 39663 Total tests screened


  • If you came back from overseas, please do quarantine yourself at home for 14 days. Even from your family members. -MOH DG Noor Hisham
  • If you are a healthcare professional and would like to volunteer, please do so here:
  • Phase 2 MCO to begin from 1st of April, all stores to open 8am-8pm. (Source)
  • There might not be bazaar Ramadan in the coming fasting month starting from 24th April 2020.
  • 7-11 staff tested positive for the COVID-19 at Jalan Bunus, right in the middle of KL City center. (Source)
  • Hulu Langat residents are still moving around despite the Enhanced MCO placed on them. (Source)
  • There are only 34 districts in Malaysia with zero cases of the coronavirus. But, we still cannot travel to or from that area as the virus travels around unseen by the naked eye. (Source)
  • Penang’s Air Itam wet market is to be re-opened with strict measures. (Source)
  • Quarantine centers around the nation are equipped with Wi-Fi and provide 4 meals a day to the people being forced to stay there. (Source)
  • Police has reprimanded 828 individuals as of 30th March 2020 for violating the MCO. (Source: MKN)
  • The police together with the army has conducted over 1520 road blocks and checked over 257,287 vehicles.
  • TNB to estimate your electricity bills throughout the MCO period based on your last month’s bill. You should see savings as you’re staying at home more. But it will be readjusted after the MCO with actual readings. (Source)
  • Face masks ceiling price to be set at RM1.50. (Source)
  • First batch of COVID-19 patients from Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh are recovered and allowed to go home. (Source)
  • Lockdown announced in Menara City One in KL, the first condo under full lockdown as 17 positive cases has been reported. (Source)
  • Do support your local hawker stalls by buying in bulk if you can afford it. These businesses are the hardest hit in this COVID-19 MCO lockdown. (Source)
  • Anti-viral health tags has no effect in fending of the virus. (Source)
  • A total of 86 people were charged in court today in several states across the country for violating the MCO. (Source)
  • UiTM has confirmed that 8500 students at 35 campuses nationwide that are locked down in their dorms are provided 3 meals a day.

List of labs and hospitals related to the lab that do test service. You can call the hospitals/clinics for inquiries.

  1. Lab: Pantai Premier Pathology Sdn Bhd:
    1. Hospital Pantai Ampang In-House – RM750 by appointment, Drive Thru RM600 Ampang (0342892800)
    2. Hospital Pantai Kuala Lumpur – RM650 Drive Thru (0391452813)
    3. Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh, Melaka – RM600(05-6886608)
  2. Lab: Lablink (M) Sdn Bhd (KPJ)
    All KPJ hospital RM600-700
    24hrs+ (Damansara RM600)
  3. Lab: Neogenix Laboratories Sdn Bhd
    1. Poliklinik MUC Bukit Bintang
      Clinic (03-21425814), Doctor (0127477759)
      RM650 In-House/ Walk-In, RM200 Rapid Test
    2. Medipulse SS4 (03-74992911)
      Drive thru RM580, RM700 In House
  4. Lab: Clinipath (M) Sdn Bhd
    1. Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara – RM580, Drive Thru (Appointment), 48-72 hrs result
      Columbia Asia hospitals
  5. Lab: BP Clinical lab Sdn Bhd (Glenmarie branch) (03-55699996) RM700 In House (0125251530, 0183772692, 0183215491)
  6. Lab: Sunway Velocity Medical Centre, Cheras : (03-97729191)
    Walk in : RM570 result in 24hrs
    Sunway Hospital 03-74919191
    Walk in : RM600 (by assessment)
  7. Lab: Gribbles Pathology Sdn Bhd
    All clinic that send to gribbles: RM700 (1-300-88-0234)
  8. Sharani Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd bangsar (DoctorOnCall)-RM600 Walk-In, In House RM700 (0379646307)
  9. Bookdoc – RM700 (lab test) + RM300 (handling)
  10. Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur – RM650, drive thru, Whatsapp Appointment (011-13013579)


  • China reports 31 new cases imported of the coronavirus, 0 new cases in Hubei for the 6th Day. (Source)
  • China’s President said that the government will protect smaller firms that are affected by the outbreak. (Source)
  • Facebook donates 100M USD to news organization in hopes of keeping the people informed during the pandemic. (Source)
  • Autoshow in Detroit cancelled and venue is currently turned into a temporary COVID-19 care centre. (Source)
  • Nature is taking back the place that they belong to in New York as pumas are seen at the streets of Manhattan. (Source)
  • Spain recorded the most death in a day in the last 24 hours at 838 deaths due to the coronavirus. (Source)
  • Indonesia might raise their healthcare budget to cope with the outbreak to 5% of GDP as supposed to the self imposed limit of 3%. (Source)
  • Crude oil prices are tanking and it will be going down ever more. It has reached 20USD per barrel. Lowest in 18 years.
  • In entertainment news, Christopher Nolan’s next thriller film, TENET still set to release on 17th July 2020 despite COVID-19 outbreak. (Source)
  • Maryland Governor Hogan issues stay at home order, says knowingly violating it is punishable by up to 1 year in prison or a $5,000 fine. (Source)
  • Saudi’s King to pay for coronavirus patients’ treatments. (Source)
  • World Health Organization (WHO): “There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of face masks by the mass population has any particular benefit with regards to #COVID19.” Yes, they are trying to protect the healthcare workers by allocating enough PPE for them to treat patients, but’s it’s just irresponsible for them to not advocate wearing face mask, even a cotton mask is way better than nothing.
  • Indian health workers spraying disinfectants on migrations causing outrage. (Source)
  • This should be the PPE that every healthcare worker wears.



Day 2 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 19th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.

    +110 new cases in MALAYSIA -> Total 900 confirmed.
    +15 recovered -> Total 75 recovered
    +5 in ICU -> Total 20 currently in ICU
    576 from 900 are from Tabligh cluster
    821 in treatment
  • NEIGHBOUR COUNTRY NEWS: Indonesia is now cancelling Muslim pilgrim rallies. (Source)
  • Seremban newspaper sellers are complaining about the MCO imposed on them stating that newspaper are sources of information as well. (Source)
  • GOOD NEWS: China records 0 new domestic cases in Wuhan. However, people should remain cautious as they report 34 new imported abroad (Source) (Source)
  • 3rd wave of cases in Malaysia likely if we continue to move around. (Source)
  • Italy records 475 deaths in the last day, largest increase in deaths nationwide. A sad day for all our Italian friends. (Source)
  • Tourism Ministry cancels Visit Malaysia 2020. (Source)
  • Massive Covid-19 prayer session with 25k devotees sparked an outcry in Bangladesh. (Source)
  • Police nationwide to run roadblock operations due to the lack of compliance to the MCO. (Source)
  • Bus go-er from Johor Bahru to Kuantan during 16th March confirmed positive COVID-19 at Kuantan. (Source)
  • If you have seen social media posts or messages online about the armed forces using helicopters to spray disinfectant, it is FAKE NEWS! (Source) (Source)
  • FAKE NEWS NOTICE! There was no patient running away from Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Perak.
  • Only critical industries are allowed to remain operation during MCO. (Source)
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs will bank in RM8.94million in stages to 22,000 asnaf including frontliners to help combat the COVID-19
  • +110 new cases in MALAYSIA -> Total 900 confirmed.
    +15 recovered -> Total 75 recovered
    +5 in ICT -> Total 20 currently in ICU
    576 from 900 are from Tabligh cluster
    821 in treatment (Source)
  • If you have symptoms or are unsure of your current situation, visit
  • Selangor records highest case count at 223
    Kuala Lumpur at 123
    Sabah 112
    Johor 101
    Negeri Sembilan 56
    Sarawak 51
    Kelantan 44
    Kedah 40
    Perak 35
    Pahang 32
    Penang 32
    Malacca 20
    Terengganu 11
    Perlis 9
    Putrajaya 6
    Labuan 5
  • Malaysia seeks for 2000 Rohingya men that attended the Tabligh gathering. (Source)
  • A DRB-HICOM subsidiary employee tested positive for COVID-19 in Pekan, Pahang. (Source)
  • RapidKL ridership drops 66% on 18th March as MCO begins. (Source)
  • Malaysia now has the 3rd highest number of COVID-19 cases behind China and South Korea surpassing Japan (889). (Source)
  • Malaysian participants of the Indonesia tabligh are not allowed to return home until the MCO lifts on 31st March. (Source)
  • Bus go-er from Johor Bahru that tested positive for COVID-19 has shown symptoms and had been taken sample for testing in Johor Bahru, told to stay home while awaiting results, however he did not comply and traveled anyway. (Source)
  • Police force roams the streets to ensure the public is following the MCO. (Source)
    Head of Police for Southwest District Superintendent A A Anbalaga advocates people to stay at home while they work. Please stay at home! (Source)
  • Case breakdown as of 19th March based on clusters. (Source)
  • Melaka Tengah, Alor Gajah and parts of Jasin is facing water supply stoppage. (Source)
  • A family has been seen having picnic at public space, however the police has warned them to leave and go home.
  • Tabligh Cluster info
  • Distracted Grab Driver in Penang hits police roadblock while distracted. People still aren’t used to the MCO. (Source)
  • Report your employer to Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) if you are denied salary during this MCO. Refer to the document below.
  • You can report any type of gatherings you see in public to the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) via WhatsApp 1 or WhatsApp 2 (010-9699435 OR 0108608949)
  • Kubang Pasu District police observes pasar malam gathering. (Source)
  • 44 locations of road block will be implemented in the state of Pahang. (Source)
  • Pahang: All shops to operate only from 7AM – 7PM applicable to Kuantan, Pekan, Jerantut, Bentong and Temerloh from this Saturday, March 21 onwards . (Source)
  • Army will be dispatched if citizens do not comply to MCO, Defense Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob estimates only 60% of Malaysians are complying. (Source)
  • Sarawak: More quarantine centers to be added for PUI (Source)
  • Sarawak Quarantine Centres are as follows:
    – Institut Kemajuan Desa (NEW)
    – Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (NEW)
    – Sarawak and Tun Abdul Razak Campus Teacher’s Training College (NEW)
    – Sarawak Public Health College
    – Kemuyang Youth Camp
    – Similajau National Park 
    – Petronas Games Village
  • Sarawak: All F&B locations to close at 8PM daily until MCO ends. (Source)
  • Police to seek for 4000+ Tabligh attendees as they are not reporting (Source)
  • Kelantan man arrested after refusing police’s instruction to leave public space. (Source)
  • 8600 more police personnel to be moved to enforce MCO. (Source)
  • More glove production to be expected. (Source)
  • China donates gloves and protective gears to Malaysia. (Source)
  • Penang: Zakat Pulau Pinang to distribute RM500 aid to underprivileged stall owners. (Source)
  • SINGAPORE: +34 cases -> Total 345 confirmed.24/34 are imported cases.+7 recovered -> Total 124 recovered (Source)
  • AIBIM Member banks offer financial assistance such as loan payment deferment for those who are affected by the MCO. Details in PDF before.
  • Kuala Lumpur eateries to ban 24 hour operated kitchens, only to open from 6AM to 10PM daily.
  • Mimos Bukit Jalil employee test positive for COVID-19. (Source)
  • More updates coming as reports emerge…

Day 1 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 18th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)

117 new cases -> Total 790 cases
728 unresolved
60 discharged
2 deaths

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.

  • MCO starts today! Less jam on streets everywhere
  • Johor-Singapore border is looking empty (Source)
  • Check out live snapshots of surveillance camera at Johor – Singapore border here.
  • Public are still taking the LRT. (Source)
  • Nasi Kandar Restaurant at Langkawi is still opening their doors for business. (Source)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
  • Police roams towns and cities around the nation warning of lockup time if defying the MRO. (Source)
  • Agung visits CPRC at KKM, Putrajaya this morning (Source: KKM)
  • Avoid taking Over-the-counter Anti Inflammatory Drugs if you’re have a low grade fever, unless told otherwise by your doctor. -WHO (Source)
  • Woman collapsed in Sg Besar market last night is NOT DUE to COVID-19 (Source)
  • Malaysia
  • Standard Chartered Petaling Jaya branch employee tested positive for COVID-19 (Source)
  • Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Hasni Mohammad hopes to reopen Johor-Singapore border in the next few days for those with worker passes. (Source)
  • Factory workers in Penang are still operating during MCO as employees and employers are still unsure of the details of MCO. (Source)
  • Former deputy Health Director General critics MCO as ‘not well thought-out, poorly executed’. (Source)
  • Fine RM1000 or 6 months jail time or both upon failure to comply to MCO. (Source)
  • Vietnam reports 1 additional case related to the Sri Petaling Tabligh Cluster. (Source)
  • FAKE NEWS: A series of photos claiming the military setting up in field hospital outside of Sultanah Aminah Hospital Johor Bahru are old photos, not related to COVID-19. (Source)
  • Detailed updates on which industries and workforce to be operational during MCO by Majlis Keselamatan Negara. (Source)
  • Medical researchers in China theorizes that people will Blood Group A has a higher chance of contracting COVID-19. (Source)
  • PTPTN loan repayments postponed till June 30 due to COVID-19. (Source)
  • The Health Ministry pleads Malaysian to remain at home to prevent further spread. (Source)
  • 5 new cases reported in Sarawak
5 new COVID-19 cases reported in Sarawak as of 18/03/2020.
  • NEIGHBORING COUNTRY NEWS: 55 new cases and 12 new deaths. (Source)
  • 117 new cases reported in Malaysia bringing total up to 790 confirmed cases. 80 of the new cases are from the Tabligh Cluster bringing the total of Tabligh Cluster case count to 513. (Source)
  • 11 patients has been discharged bringing the total to 60 patients recovered. (Source)
  • 15 patients are currently in Intensive Care Unit from 12 yesterday (ICU). (Source)
  • Watch all the movies! Astro offers free complimentary access to all movie channels to all their customers. (Source)
  • Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin addresses the nation again re-iterating the motive behind a MCO with more details. (Source)
  • PLUS worker customer relation assistant at Ebor toll plaza tests positive. (Source)
  • Cartoon Network launches PSA to teach kids on ways to maintain good hygiene. (Source)
  • Find where you can buy masks at
  • 47 new cases in Singapore taking the tally up to 313 cases nationwide and announced a 14-day stay-home notice to all returning residents and short-term visitors. (Source)
  • “There’s only a small window of opportunity for Malaysia to stem the rapid spread of #COVID19 , if we missed it, chances are the third wave will be unleashed” – Health Minister Director General Noor Hisham Abdullah.
Italy had a large breakout in a small amount of time, self quarantine and staying at home will help flatten the curve of growth.
  • Visit hospitals only when ABSOLUTELY required. Let the medical staff handle COVID-19 cases first.
Hospital Shah Alam notice for the public to refrain from visiting unless ABSOLUTELY required.