Getting Pork Lard in a jar in Petaling Jaya

Most must be wondering where to get pork lard while not staying near a pig farm or just staying in the city. Of course you can get pork lard from the fat trimmings of the pork that you purchase from the supermarket. However, you’ll need to heat and render the fat from the trimmings or from the sides of the pork meat causing your whole kitchen/ house to smell like barbeque for every meal you cook. To your convenience, I found this pork lard in a jar sold at almost all Village Grocer branches (I specifically got this from the Atria Shopping Gallery branch) and it allows you to scoop it as if you’re cooking with butter.

Here’s something you can get from Village Grocer for RM12.50 at the time of writing to increase your daily saturated fat intake if you’re practicing the ketogenic or the Paleo Ketogenic Diet.

These refined pork lard doesn’t taste or smell like the typical pork fat that are rendered from heating pork fat/skin on the pan given their refined state but they do add flavor to the meat you cook given enough salt.
In case you’re wondering, yes they do sizzle. I’ll update more information once I’ve found more saturated fats options around town.