WIP Podcast

Dungeons Dragons and Festive Seasons

In episode 2 of the Work In Progress Podcast, I sit down with Jay, an old friend of mine discussing about board games and festival seasons in Malaysia.

Jay is an experienced player of D&D and as well as an experience Dungeon Master and in this episode, he explains the ins and outs of the wonderful fantasy tabletop role-playing game that’s been bringing joy to the world since 1974.

In the podcast, Jay enlightened me about a few key points to D&D that the players can take as a guide to make the experience a fun one:

  1. Never be a Dungeon Master if you’re playing for the first time. Ask someone who has experience playing D&D instead.
  2. Never write a story if you’re playing for the first time
  3. Only appoint a person to be the Dungeon Master if you and your group decide that he/she isn’t an a**hole.
  4. D&D is always a great to build your network of acquaintances.
  5. If you’re seeking for a fun time with D&D in Malaysia and don’t know anyone to start, get in touch with me or visit and search for “It’s a good day to dice”.

Fun Fact:
Did you know that if you’re a newly wed Chinese couple, during your first Chinese New Year, it is tradition to offer 2 red packets to visitors that come to your home (one from the husband and one from the wife).

That’s about all we’ve got in this episode of the podcast, enjoy and please do leave a voice message at the WIP Podcast Page at