Day 17 – Phase 2 MCO – 3rd April COVID-19 Update

We are 11 days from the end of the MCO. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +217 > 3333 Total Confirmed Cases (58 from Tabligh)
  • +3 > 53 Deaths (1.59% Death rate)
  • +60 > 827 Recovered (24.8% recovery rate)
  • 118 ICU (54 cases require ventilator)
  • 47723 Total Tested
  • 36125 Negative
  • 8265 Pending
  • ZERO cases from the 138 KKM staffs that are infected with COVID-19 are caused by their work. Good job to the government supplying proper PPE and the hardwork of the healthcare workers to take absolute precautions. (Source)


  • Sepang, Kuala Selangor, Alor Gajah, Kota Samarahan now considered orange zones and would be sanitized. (Source)
  • Some feel good news, citizen treats Grab rider to BurgerLab meal via the app. (Source)
  • Online appointment and Webinar for COVID-19 initiatives to begin as MOH signs MoU with 4 online health service companies to alleviate the stress on healthcare services and to enforce social distancing. (Source)
  • There will no mass gatherings even after the MCO is lifted this 14th April. Say goodbye to Bazaar Ramadhan, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and many more for at least a year. The earliest time the vaccine can be injected in our arms are most likely to be mid of 2021. (Source)
  • Sarawak assistant transport minister has tested positive for COVID-19 after knowing that his maid has tested positive. He has no symptoms and currently under quarantine. (Source)
  • Sabah government confirms that they are not allowing Ramadan bazaar to go on. We may be looking at even a larger boom in delivery businesses for food. (Source)
  • Good to see local companies are donating to the government to tackle this pandemic. (Source)
  • MBPJ congratulates people of PJ for abiding the MCO. (Source)
  • Pahang’s regent Tengku Mahkota forgoing 6 months of his allowance to COVID-19 fund. (Source)
  • Prices of surgical masks are skyrocketing. Watson stores are selling 4-ply masks for RM15/5 pieces. (Source)
  • Our National Zoo (Zoo Negara) is looking for donation amidst this crisis as people are no longer visiting the zoo. (Source)
  • You can call the PR and Marketing Department of the Zoo at +603-41083422/7/8 or email at
  • Stay strong police (Source)
  • Perak receives 11 million from GLC and private bodies to fight COVID-19. (Source)
  • Sabah villages gives away their surplus produce to neighbors during the MCO. (Source)
  • 97 wet markets are to be tightly controlled around the nation. (Source)
  • Hospital bed hospitalization reaches 40%. (Source)
  • Everyone should be wary of Malaysians coming home from Singapore as the circuit breaker efforts beginning next week. (Source)


WHO Head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pictured here blinded by China’s influence. (Illustration by Eric Chow)
  • WHO continues to show major influence from China as they refuse to talk about Taiwan and their effective measures against the COVID-19. (Source)
  • Follow my twitter or BNO to seek for the latest update
  • 1 million confirmed cases reported globally. (Source)
  • Thailand imposes nationwide curfew on 10pm to 4am daily starting on Friday. (Source)
  • USA and Spain leads the death rate as global death count reaches 50k. (Source)
  • Our neighbor, Singapore announces partial lockdown starting from 7th April (next Tuesday) for a month as cases keep rising with no trends of slowing down. (Source)
People stand behind markers as they practice social distancing while queueing up to buy food at a supermarket, during the outbreak of coronavirus disease (Covid-19), in Singapore April 3, 2020. — Reuters pic
Kiasu people queuing up for supplies right after PM Le announced the lockdown. (Photo: MalayMail)
  • UK recorded 4450 new case and 684 new death from yesterday. This is alarming! (Source)
  • NYC sees 10482 new confirmed cases and 397 new deaths in their morning update. (Source)
  • Philippines’s President Duterte warns against violating lockdown by saying to ‘Shoot Them Dead’. This might sound harsh but it’s actually a smart move. Authoritarian power is what we need to curb this invisible enemy. (Source)
  • Youtube Kids boomed in watch hours and in-app spending during the lockdown. Netflix too sees a huge increase of app installs in Q1 2020. (Source)
  • Netflix sees 19 billion USD increase in market value as Disney sees 88 billion USD decrease in market value as people stop going out to Disneyland. (Source)
  • Africa will be the worst hit continent by the COVID-19 there are still rampant starvation going on. (Source)
  • Hong Kong eateries are feeling confused with half open shops to enforce social distancing. (Source)

Day 16 MCO Phase 2 (2nd April) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

Day 2 of the MCO Phase 2 has fallen upon us. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +208 > 3116 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +5 > 50 Deaths – 1.6% Death rate
  • +122 > 767 recovered (highest daily so far) 24.6% recovery rate
  • 105 ICU (54 require ventilators)
  • 2299 Currently under treatment
  • 34483 Negative
  • 7779 Pending
  • 45378 Total
  • Results of the rapid test kits from South Korea has only reached an accuracy of 56%. KKM will seek for other test kits aiming at accurate results for a minimum of 75% (Source)
  • Selangor residents! Remember to bring along your utility bill when going out for necessities for proof of travel and residence. (Source)
Image from
Wear masks to protect yourself and the people around you, even though it’s DIY, also a major reason why Taiwan and South Korea is controlling the outbreak so well. They have a strong social adherence to wearing masks even when there’s no virus for hygiene purposes.
Interesting image from AFP on the epidemic treatment and protection throughout the ages.


  • The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide has reached 900,000, of which more than 200,000 are in the U.S. (Source)
  • Largest increase of death is recorded in the last 24 hours in USA at 1029 new deaths. This is alarming. (Source)
  • 6 months old baby dies from COVID-19 in New York. (Source)
  • Indonesia continues to record high death rates at 1790 cases and 170 deaths. (Source)
  • 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week, the largest in US history. Again, USA breaks another record. (Source)
  • Resident volunteers are stepping up to assist the government to fight COVID-19 at more than 75k villages across Indonesia. (Source)
  • Thailand trials 15 minutes COVID-19 test kits. (Source)


  • Defense Minister says that he is unsure if MCO is to be extended as it is up to the Health Minstry. (Source)
  • A spike in cases is reported today mostly from Selangor (+74) and Kuala Lumpur (+34) (Source)
  • Najib’s 1MDB trial to resume on April 15th (Source)
  • Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) appeals to the government to manage donations from the public to Zoo Negara to make sure funds are utilized properly. (Source)
  • Religious schools under JAKIM to receive RM21million one off payment. (Source)
  • A round of applause to all the delivery riders and drivers out there providing us with our necessities at times of crisis. (Source)
  • Batu Pahat Johor is now considered a red zone and under Enhanced MCO.
  • Sarawak state is doing a great job in handling the COVID-19 outbreak with more beds provided in general hospital to anticipate case number growing. The state has also implemented a system that utilizes QR code technology to track patients. (Source)
  • Shopee is working with the Malaysian Medical Association and Malaysian Medical Association Foundation to raise funds to help out the frontliners. You can make a donation here if you’re interested. (Source)
  • Selangor COVID-19 taskforce are looking into tech to assist in curbing a larger outbreak. (Source)
  • AirAsia is currently in discussion with the government to seek for a loan. As of the end of 2019, AirAsia reportedly had RM2.2 billion in reserves. (Source)
  • Entrepreneur creates a platform called e-Petani to help farmers to market their produce online to reduce the need for people to travel around. (Source)
  • Highest compliance of MCO is recorded in Gombak with 90% less traffic than normal. (Source)



Day 15 MCO Phase 2 (1st April) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

So it’s the beginning of Phase 2 of the MCO. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +142 > 2908 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +2 > 45 Deaths
  • +108 > 645 recovered (highest daily so far) – 22.2% recovery rate
  • 102 ICU (66 require ventilators)
  • 2218 Currently under treatment
  • 32894 Negative
  • 7660 Pending
  • 43462 Total
  • Phase 2 of the MCO begins.
  • Red hot-spot areas will be placed on Enhanced MCO if any spike of cases are detected within 1-2 days.
  • Hulu Langat records 277 cases with active case seeking.
  • Total of 2358 volunteers have registered to be of service in KKM hospitals and Quarantine Centers across the nation. Kudos Malaysians! (Source)


  • All roads that are closed in the Subang Jaya areas listed here.
  • Expert Epidemiologist and Secretary General for the Science Academy of Malaysia, Datuk Profesor Dr Awg Bulgiba Awg Mahmud says that Malaysia is still experiencing the first phase of the outbreak. As more people are still yearning to leave their houses and taking little to none precautions, we’re expecting a bigger outbreak coming our way. (Source)
  • Please follow the MCO advice by the government if you want to enjoy Bazaar Ramadhan, everyone! (Source)
  • People are still giving stupid excuses to travel around during the MCO, during this Phase 2, polices are getting strict in enforcing restricted movements.
  • KWSP, BSH, LHDN websites are all overwhelmed as Malaysians try to apply for benefits at the beginning of Phase 2 MCO. (Source)
  • If you’re eligible for Bantuan Sara Hidup (BR1M), you will be automatically eligible for Bantuan PRIHATIN Nasional as a benefit by the government to dampen the economic downturn caused by the outbreak and the payment will be done on April and May. (Source)
  • People are lying to the police during road blocks. (Source)
  • Police in Terengganu are disinfected before and after duty. (Source)
  • If you are still unsure on how to get RM500 out of your KWSP EPF account i-Lestari, do visit the website here for step-by-step instructions.
  • 11500 tests can be done as of today, anti-gen test kits from South Korea will be confirmed in terms of their effectiveness within a day or two from now.
  • MOH DG Noor Hisham says that the government is open to ideas such as implementing E-Bazaar Ramadan to avoid any mass gathering.
  • Selangor MB cancels the upcoming Bazaar Ramadan. (Source)
  • Wardens and inmates in Kajang Prison are sewing PPE for medical workers. (Source)
  • Malaysia is starting to show positive signs as we are seeing a drop in terms of daily cases numbers, we are flattening the curve, people, it’s crucial everyone stays at home for the follow 2 weeks. (Source)
  • Singapore being a small island country donates 5000 COVID-19 sampling kits to Malaysia. (Source)
  • IRB says that people who have ‘no records’ can make new applications for PRIHATIN here and here. (Source)
  • Johor cop warns 866 tabligh participants to come forward. (Source)
  • Phase 2 of the MCO allows people to only travel 10km away from their homes. (Source)
  • 88 people are charged in court today as they failed to obey MCO in Kuala Lumpur. (Source)
  • Only immediate family members are allowed to attend burials of COVID-19 related deaths. (Source)


  • USA: 49.8% of tests are positive in New York, this is a big cause for concern.
  • WHO doesn’t want the world to know about measures Taiwan took to curb the spread of #coronavirus because of their CCP influence and the locking out of the WHO membership towards Taiwan. (Source)
  • Taiwan is taking significant measures in curbing the spread of the coronavirus as shown in the video.
  • Wear your mask, if you don’t have one, make your own, a DIY mask might not be as effective as a surgical mask, but something is better than nothing!
  • People in Indonesia are not going to work as the disinfection process is overwhelmingly affecting workers.
  • A cat is tested positive for COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Poor kitty. (Source)
  • USA sees more than 4000 deaths (Source)
  • Washington is seeing software issues in updating the number of cases, this is a large cause for concern. (Source)
  • NYC healthcare workers are still not given proper PPE to treat Coronavirus patients. (Source)
  • WHO says that the vaccine will take 12 or 18 months from now. Until then, we should live a different lifestyle. (Source)
  • Cinemas in China are closed again as there are no patrons after the re-opening, the Chinese government didn’t provide any specific reason regarding this decree. (Source)
  • Washington hospitals are threatening to fire healthcare workers who publicize their working conditions during this outbreak. (Source)
  • Spain breaks 100k cases and over 9k deaths. (Source)
  • China has started to report asymptomatic cases, has reported 1541 cases which all active cases. This suggests we have been missing out on thousands of asymptomatic cases. China is massively under-reporting. (Source)
  • Alarming statement out of Brazil: Churches and lotteries are now considered essential services and will be opened during quarantine.
  • Italy reports 4,782 new cases of coronavirus and 727 new deaths, raising total to 110,574 cases and 13,155 dead.
  • People in China are estimated that the death toll in Wuhan is far higher than the official figures reported as the funeral homes were operational 24/7 during the lockdown indicating that there were significantly more people dying. (Source)
  • Goats are roaming the streets of UK. (Source)
  • A man died in a train from Bangkok to Narathiwat was ‘coughing and vomiting’ before boarding and was tested positive for COVID-19. (Source)



Day 14 MCO (31st March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +140 > 2766 Total confirmed cases
  • +6 > 43 Deaths (1.55% Death Rate)
  • +58 > 537 Recovered
  • 94 ICU (60 require breathing support)
  • 40483 Total Tested
  • 29498 Negative
  • 8219 Pending results
  • Contact tracing will be done once there is positive case. More tests if possible should be done, there’s been effort by the private healthcare around Malaysia.
  • Just received test kits from Korea, currently doing sampling and testing.
  • PUI who are tested negative are also quarantined for 14 days.


  • Spain, the 3rd country to surpass China in confirmed cases.
  • Worldwide cases passes 800k
  • Wuhan wildlife market are back open yesterday. (Source)
  • Elton John’s home concert raised over 8M USD in effort to fight the coronavirus. (Source)
  • US sees the largest increase of death per day at 593 new deaths and 23415 new confirmed cases. Things aren’t looking for the nation of more than 300 million residents.
  • 11 year old East Java girl becomes youngest COVID-19 fatality in Indonesia. The nation really have to ramp up testing. (Source)
  • Singapore sees 47 new cases and 1 new death. Things seem to be under control but since there’s no strong lockdown, there appear to be more cases daily. (Source)
  • Brazil’s president said that the virus kills people, but hunger does too, his attitude towards the outbreak is appalling to say the least. (Source)


  • Cardiologist that went to jogging during the first day of MCO has been reprimanded and he paid RM13k for bail yesterday. (Source)
  • Emoluments is not paid to the royalties by the government for 6 months beginning from March 2020. (Source)
  • A total of 742 people are arrested nationwide for violating the MCO. (Source)
  • Terengganu police will be allowing motorist with odd number plates to travel on the road starting 1st of April and even number plates to be allowed on the next day, this is actually smart move, it is simple, easy to follow, and makes sense. (Source)
  • Mass disinfections might cause another health hazard with those sprayed liquid can be irritating skin and possibly causing allergies. (Source)
  • Women’s Development Dept apologizes after issuing tips for women amid MCO, being criticized for sexism. (Source)
  • All MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) concerts are to be rescheduled to a future date. (Source)
  • Astro TV viewership up by 43 percent since beginning of MCO, and they are extending the offer of free channels until the 14th April.
  • Grab drivers are switching to Grabfood delivery as the MCO reduces the number of people taking rides to places. (Source)
  • Federal Territory Minister says no decision made whether to proceed or cancel the upcoming Bazaar Ramadan that starts on 24th April. The minister also said that proper crowd control needed for Ramadan Bazaars. Of course, I personally hope that any such gathering should be prohibited even after the MCO end to reduce the risk of more infections. You can never be too safe with an enemy you cannot see. (Source)
  • 30k employers registered under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) will have a 6 months tax levy due to the Covid-19 outbreak. (Source)
  • People who are most at risk are 26-30 and 56-60 as they are frequently out of their homes. Stay home guys. (Source)
  • Klang durian sellers are switching to sell eggs during the MCO. This is what a smart entrepreneur does, rather than complaining to the government that they are not receiving benefits under the PRIHATIN plan. (Source)
  • 24 hours roadblocks will be placed at Subang (Seafield, South Puchong, PJS7, and Putra Heights) toll plazas as the second MCO phase begins. (Source)
  • 20k face masks from China has been donated to the Home Ministry. China has remarkably turned the table around very well, now they can afford to even help others. (Source)
  • Perak police received 48 reports made over online face mask scams. IMO, these people should be infected with the virus. (Source)

Here’s all for today. Onwards.


Day 13 MCO (30th March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +156 > 2626 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +3 > 37 Deaths
  • +91 > 479 Recovered (Most in a day so far)
  • 94 ICU (62 Require breathing support)
  • 8213 Total Pending result
  • 39663 Total tests screened


  • If you came back from overseas, please do quarantine yourself at home for 14 days. Even from your family members. -MOH DG Noor Hisham
  • If you are a healthcare professional and would like to volunteer, please do so here:
  • Phase 2 MCO to begin from 1st of April, all stores to open 8am-8pm. (Source)
  • There might not be bazaar Ramadan in the coming fasting month starting from 24th April 2020.
  • 7-11 staff tested positive for the COVID-19 at Jalan Bunus, right in the middle of KL City center. (Source)
  • Hulu Langat residents are still moving around despite the Enhanced MCO placed on them. (Source)
  • There are only 34 districts in Malaysia with zero cases of the coronavirus. But, we still cannot travel to or from that area as the virus travels around unseen by the naked eye. (Source)
  • Penang’s Air Itam wet market is to be re-opened with strict measures. (Source)
  • Quarantine centers around the nation are equipped with Wi-Fi and provide 4 meals a day to the people being forced to stay there. (Source)
  • Police has reprimanded 828 individuals as of 30th March 2020 for violating the MCO. (Source: MKN)
  • The police together with the army has conducted over 1520 road blocks and checked over 257,287 vehicles.
  • TNB to estimate your electricity bills throughout the MCO period based on your last month’s bill. You should see savings as you’re staying at home more. But it will be readjusted after the MCO with actual readings. (Source)
  • Face masks ceiling price to be set at RM1.50. (Source)
  • First batch of COVID-19 patients from Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh are recovered and allowed to go home. (Source)
  • Lockdown announced in Menara City One in KL, the first condo under full lockdown as 17 positive cases has been reported. (Source)
  • Do support your local hawker stalls by buying in bulk if you can afford it. These businesses are the hardest hit in this COVID-19 MCO lockdown. (Source)
  • Anti-viral health tags has no effect in fending of the virus. (Source)
  • A total of 86 people were charged in court today in several states across the country for violating the MCO. (Source)
  • UiTM has confirmed that 8500 students at 35 campuses nationwide that are locked down in their dorms are provided 3 meals a day.

List of labs and hospitals related to the lab that do test service. You can call the hospitals/clinics for inquiries.

  1. Lab: Pantai Premier Pathology Sdn Bhd:
    1. Hospital Pantai Ampang In-House – RM750 by appointment, Drive Thru RM600 Ampang (0342892800)
    2. Hospital Pantai Kuala Lumpur – RM650 Drive Thru (0391452813)
    3. Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh, Melaka – RM600(05-6886608)
  2. Lab: Lablink (M) Sdn Bhd (KPJ)
    All KPJ hospital RM600-700
    24hrs+ (Damansara RM600)
  3. Lab: Neogenix Laboratories Sdn Bhd
    1. Poliklinik MUC Bukit Bintang
      Clinic (03-21425814), Doctor (0127477759)
      RM650 In-House/ Walk-In, RM200 Rapid Test
    2. Medipulse SS4 (03-74992911)
      Drive thru RM580, RM700 In House
  4. Lab: Clinipath (M) Sdn Bhd
    1. Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara – RM580, Drive Thru (Appointment), 48-72 hrs result
      Columbia Asia hospitals
  5. Lab: BP Clinical lab Sdn Bhd (Glenmarie branch) (03-55699996) RM700 In House (0125251530, 0183772692, 0183215491)
  6. Lab: Sunway Velocity Medical Centre, Cheras : (03-97729191)
    Walk in : RM570 result in 24hrs
    Sunway Hospital 03-74919191
    Walk in : RM600 (by assessment)
  7. Lab: Gribbles Pathology Sdn Bhd
    All clinic that send to gribbles: RM700 (1-300-88-0234)
  8. Sharani Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd bangsar (DoctorOnCall)-RM600 Walk-In, In House RM700 (0379646307)
  9. Bookdoc – RM700 (lab test) + RM300 (handling)
  10. Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur – RM650, drive thru, Whatsapp Appointment (011-13013579)


  • China reports 31 new cases imported of the coronavirus, 0 new cases in Hubei for the 6th Day. (Source)
  • China’s President said that the government will protect smaller firms that are affected by the outbreak. (Source)
  • Facebook donates 100M USD to news organization in hopes of keeping the people informed during the pandemic. (Source)
  • Autoshow in Detroit cancelled and venue is currently turned into a temporary COVID-19 care centre. (Source)
  • Nature is taking back the place that they belong to in New York as pumas are seen at the streets of Manhattan. (Source)
  • Spain recorded the most death in a day in the last 24 hours at 838 deaths due to the coronavirus. (Source)
  • Indonesia might raise their healthcare budget to cope with the outbreak to 5% of GDP as supposed to the self imposed limit of 3%. (Source)
  • Crude oil prices are tanking and it will be going down ever more. It has reached 20USD per barrel. Lowest in 18 years.
  • In entertainment news, Christopher Nolan’s next thriller film, TENET still set to release on 17th July 2020 despite COVID-19 outbreak. (Source)
  • Maryland Governor Hogan issues stay at home order, says knowingly violating it is punishable by up to 1 year in prison or a $5,000 fine. (Source)
  • Saudi’s King to pay for coronavirus patients’ treatments. (Source)
  • World Health Organization (WHO): “There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of face masks by the mass population has any particular benefit with regards to #COVID19.” Yes, they are trying to protect the healthcare workers by allocating enough PPE for them to treat patients, but’s it’s just irresponsible for them to not advocate wearing face mask, even a cotton mask is way better than nothing.
  • Indian health workers spraying disinfectants on migrations causing outrage. (Source)
  • This should be the PPE that every healthcare worker wears.



Day 10 MCO (27th March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.

It is finally 10 days since MCO began, we have 18 more days to go! The government has made the biggest financial announcement probably in the past decade with spending of 250 billion Ringgit to all Malaysians to soften the blow of the COVID-19 outbreak to the economy. (Source)


  • +130 > 2161 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +9 > 54 in ICU (+2 > 34 require breathing support)
  • +3 > 26 Deaths
  • +44 > 259 Recovered
  • 1896 are currently in treatment


  • If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 such as high fever, cough, sorethroat, runny nose, loss of smell, headache, or fatigue, do call, email, or Whatsapp the following contact details to clarify if you are required to test. The team is working 24/7.
  • Call 03-88810200 / 03-88810600 / 03-88810700
  • Whatsapp +6010-9699435 / +6010-8608949
  • Email


  • Government to hand out cash to B40 and M40 households and individuals. More details here.
  • RM1600 – Households with monthly income of RM4000 and below.
  • RM1000 – Households with monthly income of RM4000 to RM8000.
  • RM800 – Unmarried above 21 with monthly income of RM2000 and below.
  • RM500 – Unmarried above 21 with monthly income of RM2001 to RM4000.


  • Azwan Ali fined RM17k for posting offensive video on his Youtube channel, damaging image of Putrajaya Hospital and credibility of its medical staff in handling the Covid-19. That’s what you get for being an idiot during a pandemic. (Source)
  • 11 Men (including 9 expats) were detained for jogging around Mont Kiara area. These people must be thinking that money can get them out of everything including the virus. (Source)
  • Global condom supply might face a huge shortage due to condom factories stopping production. This might cause unwanted consequences for 3rd world countries. (Source)
  • Sundry shop owner, and customer arrested by giving unacceptable excuse when questioned for opening later than 10PM. (Source)
  • 21 year old deliveryman gets 2 months jail after ramming into police roadblocking and attempting to escape only to be caught because he hit a divider while escaping. (Source)
  • 63 years old man in Malacca fined RM2000 for spreading fake news about COVID-19. People, it’s currently desperate times, it’s not cool to be spreading unnecessary information. (Source)
  • Ministry of Health urges those who have recovered from COVID-19 to stay indoors and maintain self-hygiene to prevent getting the virus again. (Source)
  • Fuel prices down again for next week. (Source)
  • Malaysia is considering buying 1 million COVID-19 test kits from South Korea if they are reliable / sensitive enough. (Source)
  • Ookla report Internet speeds around Malaysia is slowing down as MCO continues. (Source)
  • Village Grocer Bangsar Village to go through deep-cleaning tonight as a positive patient might have visited the supermarket. (Source)
  • KLIA are filled with travelers from abroad stranded there as they are told to isolate according to the MCO. (Source)
  • KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital now provides the country’s first drive-thru test at RM600 per test. It’s an antigen test which is highly effective. 24 hours per result. Go do it now if you can. More information here. (Source)

There are currently 11 hot zones located around Malaysia (Source):

  • 167 – Lembah Pantai (Federal Territory)
  • 167 – Petaling Jaya
  • 132 – Hulu Langat
  • 78 – Seremban
  • 68 – Johor Bahru
  • 54 – Kluang
  • 53 – Gombak
  • 49 – Titiwangsa
  • 48 – Kota Bharu
  • 48 – Hilir Perak
  • 41 – Kinta


  • Child of Light (a highly rated side scrolling role-playing game launched back in 2014) is now free on UPlay (Source)
  • China is basically swimming in pools of money with their increased mask production. (Source)
  • US tops the list of confirmed cases per country at 85,498 (Source)
  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19 after 1 day of mild symptoms. (Source)
  • Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19 but remains healthy. (Source)
  • Spain death toll passes 4000. (Source)
  • 52 new cases in Singapore bringing total to 683 cases. Alarming for an island state. But given their heavy reliance on connection with other nations through air and sea, it seems to be controlling the situation fairly well. (Source)
  • Sweden sees 296 new cases and 24 new deaths but government and citizens are still moving around normally, no lockdown whatsoever is happening. This is alarming. (Source)



Day 9 of the MCO – COVID19 Malaysia Update

It is Day 9 of the MCO here, I haven’t been updating since Day 4 as I was recovering from my IBS symptoms probably due to food poisoning and inadequate nutrition over the previous couple of weeks. However, I’m back in commission now after 3 days of being horizontal most of the day and another 2 trying to cook and eat more.


  • MCO is extended for another 14 days until 14th April on 25th of March.
  • +235 -> 2031 confirmed cases
  • +5 -> 45 ICU (32 need breathing support)
  • +4 -> 23 deaths
  • +16 -> 215 recovered

KWSP Withdrawal Method

Tunku Alizakri Alias, CEO of KWSP has reported the following way to withdraw RM500 per month from your account 2 for 12 months:

  • Registration via email and post from 1st April
  • Registration via website from 1st May
  • Funds reflected in your account starting from May 2020 Source:


  • Some people are leaving the house to water the plants at the office. (Source)
  • Good vibes: Kuching Hotel provides free accommodation to healthcare workers in order to isolate them from their family members after duty. (Source)
  • Singapore Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) validity for Malaysian-registered vehicles to be extended to June 30th. (Source)
  • Tips on what to do during the extended MCO period here
  • Malaysia government is planning to bail out local airline companies with M&A and debt measures. (Source)
  • Youtube defaults video quality worldwide to 480p to reduce strain on their server as the world is on lockdown. (Source)
  • 7 Istana Negara staffs tested positive for COVID-19. (Source)
  • YDP King and Queen has tested negative for COVID-19. Starts self quarantine for 14 days on 25th March (Source)
  • Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) is now contactable 24/7 in this pandemic. (Source)
  • Head of Police reports that Tabligh cluster local participants only at around 10k people, not previously believed 14-16k people. (Source)
  • Two areas (Kampung Datuk Ibrahim Majid and Bandar Baharu Datuk Ibrahim Majid) in Kluang Johor are in enhanced lockdown for 2 weeks where 650 families are locked in their houses. (Source)


  • Malaysia tops Asia searches for ‘coronavirus’ on Pornhub. (Source)
  • Free mobile data from every telco carriers in Malaysia. (Source)


  • Singapore sees 10% dip in GDP QoQ, braces for recession. (Source)
  • US tops daily increase in number of cases on 25th March 2020 with 14024 new cases, and 265 new deaths
  • In 5th January 2020, WHO published that they have observed an unknown cause of pneumonia in Wuhan, China, it’s been 81 days, and over 471k confirmed cases. CCP has gave everyone free lockdown time by covering up the virus at the beginning of January. Now, every other idiots around the world has to die. (Source)
  • On side note: A possible vaccine was created by Moderna and NIH went into clinical trails on 16th March. “That marks a 63-day gap between scientists sequencing the virus’s genes for the first time and doctors injecting a vaccine candidate into a person’s arm. It’s overwhelmingly the world record,” Fauci said.
  • Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American immunologist who serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force addressing the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.
  • For medical imaging professionals, here is an imaging database by Italy Society of Radiology