MCO Day 25 – COVID-19 Malaysia Update

This is the situation right now worldwide.

We have refreshed and extend the MCO period and now we are to stay at home for another 14 days bringing the total days of MCO to be 42 days.


  • +184 > 4530 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +3 > 73 Deaths (1.6% Death rate)
  • +165 > 1995 Recovered (44.03% recovery rate)
  • 72 ICU (38 require ventilation)
  • 67367 tested negative


  • Government has allowed certain industries including hair saloon to open shop after 14th.
  • There are 26 red zones as of 10th April. (Source)
  • There is still no positive cases that are caused by the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. – MOH DG Noor Hisham.
  • Government is going to review the changes on allowing hair saloon to open as it’s received multiple criticism from the people. (Source)
  • TM resolves the submarine cable fault reported a few days ago. (Source)
  • 32 new cases from today’s addition is from Selangor Mansion area, the are that is under full lockdown. (Source)
  • LBS (property developer) Foundation gifts PJ police officers 2k face masks, and 600 bottles of hand sanitizers. Looks like a low price to pay for appearance on the papers. (Source)
  • As the relaxation of MCO applies to barbershops, 90% of hairdressers says they are refusing to open shop as this is a big risk for a new cluster. Good job! (Source)
  • One off IPT aid for tertiary students now extended to Form 6 and diploma students nationwide. (Source)


  • A new study done by Chinese researched published in a journal of the US CDC reports that the virus is found in air samples up to 4 meters away from the patient. (Source)
  • #COVID19 Top 10 highest number of cases by country as of 12th April 2020 12:48AM (GMT+8)
  • Source:
  • India extends lockdown for 2 more weeks to 29th April 2020. (Source)
  • Indonesia has only done 20k tests nationwide. “To date, we’ve tested almost 20,000 samples in 40 labs across the country”. (Source)
  • Taiwan reveals a document that warns WHO about the virus having human-to-human transmission but WHO denies to act on that information.
  • UK death tolls passes 10k people. (Source)
  • Dozens of Thais test positive after returning from Tabligh gathering in Indonesia. This is ridiculous. (Source)
  • Laughter from Singapore

Updates till here.


Day 19 – Phase 2 MCO COVID-19 5th April 2020 Update

We are 9 days from the end of the MCO now, let’s now focus on nailing in on our efforts for the past 19 days and do not create a third wave. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +179 > 3662 Total Confirmed Cases (46 new cases from Tabligh)
  • +4 > 61 Deaths (1.66% Death rate)
  • +90 > 1005 Recovered (27.4% recovery rate)
  • 99 ICU (48 cases require ventilator)
  • 1591 from Tabligh (43.44% of total cases)
  • 51937 Total Tested
  • 39877 Negative
  • 8398 Pending
  • Details of the new death cases are as below
  • Sarawak numbers are as below
  • Case 1580 has become an index case and has caused 5 fatalities. (Source)


  • It seems that MCO will likely be extended beyond 14th April with more lenient restrictions as the situations shows. (Source)
  • PDRM is tightening maritime patrol to make sure there’s no one travelling in or out of the country during the MCO. (Source)
  • People who came back from overseas will all be placed in quarantine centers.
  • KKM identifies a cluster with travel history to Italy that has spread the virus to 37 people.
  • 2 flats in Lembah Pantai confirmed to have 1 positive COVID-19 cases. (Source)
  • Pasar Borong KL to have 150 workers to be screened after 2 tests positive. (Source)
  • Defense Minister Ismail Sabri reminds Malaysians to cooperate, not insult the police. (Source)
  • IGP says that lockups are cleaned daily to prevent any infection of COVID-19 in police stations. (Source)
  • 854 people have been arrested in Johor for defying the MCO as of 4th April (Source)
  • The National Security Council or Majlis Keselamatan Negara will be looking into suggestions to not jail MCO violators. (Source)
  • Another Sarawak Member of Parliament (Rubiah Wang) has tested positive. (Source)
  • Here’s something I think the MOH can do, advice everyone to wear masks on top of social distancing as we still need to get supplies and need to go out every so often, wearing a cloth mask is better than no mask. The MOH is still waiting for WHO to advice based on evidence. But it’s not the time to under-react, it’s better to over-react than seeing people die. (Source)
  • India has stopped 8 Malaysians that tried to take evacuation flights back home. (Source)


  • Timely blood glucose management for the outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is urgently needed. This paper by researchers in China has shown that those with worse blood glucose management is causing the symptoms of the disease to be severe. Read the paper here.
  • USA tops the daily death again with reports of 33,557 new cases of coronavirus and 1,410 new deaths, raising total to 311,178 cases and 8,802 dead. (Source)
  • Indonesia is not in full lock-down as Malaysia and India are currently enforcing but more of quarantine with sanitation process going on many locations especially public places. (Source)
  • Look out for Lamborghini masks as the company switch gears to produce face masks instead of automobiles. (Source)
  • Japan sees 130 new cases of COVID-19, the highest daily jump so far in the land of the rising sun. (Source)
  • Sweden has confirmed 28 new coronavirus deaths, raising the country’s death toll to 401 with 6,830 confirmed cases. How is Sweden showing such low numbers without a lockdown? Might it be superior genetics that stemmed from eugenics?
  • Cases worldwide cross 1,200,000
  • An article on BBC speculating why death rates in different countries are different. (Source)
  • Trump has warned USA that things will be worse for weeks to come as case counts breaks 300k. (Source)
  • F1 is racing online. Watch them here.
  • Queen Elizabeth II addresses the UK, it’s her 5th of such speech in her 68-year reign. (Source)

That’s all for today, onwards.


Day 14 MCO (31st March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +140 > 2766 Total confirmed cases
  • +6 > 43 Deaths (1.55% Death Rate)
  • +58 > 537 Recovered
  • 94 ICU (60 require breathing support)
  • 40483 Total Tested
  • 29498 Negative
  • 8219 Pending results
  • Contact tracing will be done once there is positive case. More tests if possible should be done, there’s been effort by the private healthcare around Malaysia.
  • Just received test kits from Korea, currently doing sampling and testing.
  • PUI who are tested negative are also quarantined for 14 days.


  • Spain, the 3rd country to surpass China in confirmed cases.
  • Worldwide cases passes 800k
  • Wuhan wildlife market are back open yesterday. (Source)
  • Elton John’s home concert raised over 8M USD in effort to fight the coronavirus. (Source)
  • US sees the largest increase of death per day at 593 new deaths and 23415 new confirmed cases. Things aren’t looking for the nation of more than 300 million residents.
  • 11 year old East Java girl becomes youngest COVID-19 fatality in Indonesia. The nation really have to ramp up testing. (Source)
  • Singapore sees 47 new cases and 1 new death. Things seem to be under control but since there’s no strong lockdown, there appear to be more cases daily. (Source)
  • Brazil’s president said that the virus kills people, but hunger does too, his attitude towards the outbreak is appalling to say the least. (Source)


  • Cardiologist that went to jogging during the first day of MCO has been reprimanded and he paid RM13k for bail yesterday. (Source)
  • Emoluments is not paid to the royalties by the government for 6 months beginning from March 2020. (Source)
  • A total of 742 people are arrested nationwide for violating the MCO. (Source)
  • Terengganu police will be allowing motorist with odd number plates to travel on the road starting 1st of April and even number plates to be allowed on the next day, this is actually smart move, it is simple, easy to follow, and makes sense. (Source)
  • Mass disinfections might cause another health hazard with those sprayed liquid can be irritating skin and possibly causing allergies. (Source)
  • Women’s Development Dept apologizes after issuing tips for women amid MCO, being criticized for sexism. (Source)
  • All MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) concerts are to be rescheduled to a future date. (Source)
  • Astro TV viewership up by 43 percent since beginning of MCO, and they are extending the offer of free channels until the 14th April.
  • Grab drivers are switching to Grabfood delivery as the MCO reduces the number of people taking rides to places. (Source)
  • Federal Territory Minister says no decision made whether to proceed or cancel the upcoming Bazaar Ramadan that starts on 24th April. The minister also said that proper crowd control needed for Ramadan Bazaars. Of course, I personally hope that any such gathering should be prohibited even after the MCO end to reduce the risk of more infections. You can never be too safe with an enemy you cannot see. (Source)
  • 30k employers registered under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) will have a 6 months tax levy due to the Covid-19 outbreak. (Source)
  • People who are most at risk are 26-30 and 56-60 as they are frequently out of their homes. Stay home guys. (Source)
  • Klang durian sellers are switching to sell eggs during the MCO. This is what a smart entrepreneur does, rather than complaining to the government that they are not receiving benefits under the PRIHATIN plan. (Source)
  • 24 hours roadblocks will be placed at Subang (Seafield, South Puchong, PJS7, and Putra Heights) toll plazas as the second MCO phase begins. (Source)
  • 20k face masks from China has been donated to the Home Ministry. China has remarkably turned the table around very well, now they can afford to even help others. (Source)
  • Perak police received 48 reports made over online face mask scams. IMO, these people should be infected with the virus. (Source)

Here’s all for today. Onwards.


Day 11 MCO (28th March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.

17 more days to go, cases around the globe is skyrocketing like nobody’s business. We all hope more tests can be done because without testing, we’re essentially fighting an enemy we can’t see.


  • +159 > 2320 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +1 > 27 deaths
  • +61 > 320 recovered
  • +19 > 73 in ICU (54 require breathing support)


  • Selangor : 546 -> 579 (+33)
  • KL + Putrajaya: 357 -> 364 (+7)
  • Johor : 259 -> 285 (+26)
  • Sabah : 182 -> 197 (+15)
  • Perak : 159 -> 165 (+6)
  • Negeri Sembilan : 138 -> 153 (+15)
  • Sarawak : 110 -> 118 (+8)
  • Kelantan : 98 -> 108 (+10)
  • Pulau Pinang :80 -> 86 (+6)
  • Kedah : 73 -> 74 (+1)
  • Pahang : 70 -> 84 (+14)
  • Terengganu : 41 -> 45 (+4)
  • Melaka : 33 -> 42 (+9)
  • Perlis : 10 -> 10 (0)
  • Labuan : 5 -> 10 (+5)

Stats on Wave 2 – Tabligh Cluster

  • 17584 identified participants
  • 1207 positive
  • 4645 pending
  • 5084 not tested


A total of 35,516 people have been tested for #COVID19 as of 28th of March 2020.
From that total:
1. 6.5% or 2320 are positive.
2. 69.6% or 24727 are negative
3. 23.8% or 8469 are still pending
Sri Petaling Tabligh cluster has came up with 12,500 samples where 1,207 are positive.
10,724 close contacts are tested, 586 are positive.
7,426 PUI are tested and there are 461 positive.


  • US Passes 100k confirmed cases
  • Worldwide number of confirmed cases reaches 600k, we’re possibly looking at more than 1M cases at beginning of next week, however we might not see that due to the lack of reliable test kits available world.
  • 340k test kits from China ordered by Spain are only 30% accurate causing lots of money issues.


  • A major cleaning and disinfection exercise was carried out on Saturday (March 28) in the vicinity of the Seri Petaling Mosque in Sri Petaling. Some 100 Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and Alam Flora personnel were on the ground with specialised equipment to sanitise the area following a directive from the National Security Council (MKN) and Health Ministry. (Source)
  • Everyone entering ICU will be tested for COVID19
  • 100k test kits, 100k N95 face masks, 500k surgical masks, 50k PPE, and 200 ventilators are donated by the Chinese government. (Source)
  • JP Morgan predicts Malaysia to peak at 6000 cases.
  • Everyone should stay at home to break the chain of infection, so that the number of cases do not reach those numbers. – MOH DG Noor Hisham
  • Virus can last up to a maximum of 9 days, especially on cold and hard surfaces. 48 hours for humid and softer surfaces.
  • Ministry of Higher Education advocates tertiary education institutions to restart their next semester on 27th April and could be as late as 1st June 2020. (Source)
  • It’s Earth Hour on 28th March 8:30PM. (Source)
  • Majlis Keselamatan Negara publishes info graphics regarding the COVID-19 economic stimulus package by the Malaysian government.
  • Something from 2 days ago, YES Internet Provider will be giving away 40GB free data monthly for 2 months for every student during this hard time.
  • A young fisherman jumps into sea to avoid MCO as police patrols. However, another fisherman told the police that he was mentally challenged and let him off the hook. (Source)
  • If you’re getting RM4k or below per month, and are facing reduction in salary of more than 50%, you can eligible to claim RM600 per month from SOCSO, submit your application at (Source)
  • RHB pledges RM3 million to Health Ministry in fight of the COVID-19. (Source)
  • Workshop employees and employers are nabbed in Lahad Datu for opening shop during the MCO. The employees claim that their boss will not pay them if they do not come to work.(Source)
  • A suicide case in Serdang Hospital was found negative for COVID-19, he was a PUI for having close contact with a positive patient. (Source)
  • Parts of SPM and PT3 exams are to be postponed. (Source)
  • Four roads in PJ are closed, namely Jalan 5/46 Gasing Indah (Petaling Jaya); Jalan Persiaran Mahogani (Section 9); Jalan Persiaran Jati (Section 8); and Jalan Persiaran Sungai Buloh (TSB) in Kota Damansara. (Source)


10 public universities are on board to ramp up COVID-19 testing. They will be using the RT-PCR testing (Antigen test that tests for the virus instead of rapid test that tests for the antibodies). (Source)
Here are the universities:



  • COVID-19 is not a bioweapon. – Scientists says. (Source)
  • Indonesians expect better transparency in news regarding COVID-19 as the number rises to 1155 cases and 102 deaths resulting in a death rate of 8.83% which is second highest death rate after Italy. (Source)

More Updates coming


Day 10 MCO (27th March) – COVID19 Malaysia Update

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.

It is finally 10 days since MCO began, we have 18 more days to go! The government has made the biggest financial announcement probably in the past decade with spending of 250 billion Ringgit to all Malaysians to soften the blow of the COVID-19 outbreak to the economy. (Source)


  • +130 > 2161 Total Confirmed Cases
  • +9 > 54 in ICU (+2 > 34 require breathing support)
  • +3 > 26 Deaths
  • +44 > 259 Recovered
  • 1896 are currently in treatment


  • If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 such as high fever, cough, sorethroat, runny nose, loss of smell, headache, or fatigue, do call, email, or Whatsapp the following contact details to clarify if you are required to test. The team is working 24/7.
  • Call 03-88810200 / 03-88810600 / 03-88810700
  • Whatsapp +6010-9699435 / +6010-8608949
  • Email


  • Government to hand out cash to B40 and M40 households and individuals. More details here.
  • RM1600 – Households with monthly income of RM4000 and below.
  • RM1000 – Households with monthly income of RM4000 to RM8000.
  • RM800 – Unmarried above 21 with monthly income of RM2000 and below.
  • RM500 – Unmarried above 21 with monthly income of RM2001 to RM4000.


  • Azwan Ali fined RM17k for posting offensive video on his Youtube channel, damaging image of Putrajaya Hospital and credibility of its medical staff in handling the Covid-19. That’s what you get for being an idiot during a pandemic. (Source)
  • 11 Men (including 9 expats) were detained for jogging around Mont Kiara area. These people must be thinking that money can get them out of everything including the virus. (Source)
  • Global condom supply might face a huge shortage due to condom factories stopping production. This might cause unwanted consequences for 3rd world countries. (Source)
  • Sundry shop owner, and customer arrested by giving unacceptable excuse when questioned for opening later than 10PM. (Source)
  • 21 year old deliveryman gets 2 months jail after ramming into police roadblocking and attempting to escape only to be caught because he hit a divider while escaping. (Source)
  • 63 years old man in Malacca fined RM2000 for spreading fake news about COVID-19. People, it’s currently desperate times, it’s not cool to be spreading unnecessary information. (Source)
  • Ministry of Health urges those who have recovered from COVID-19 to stay indoors and maintain self-hygiene to prevent getting the virus again. (Source)
  • Fuel prices down again for next week. (Source)
  • Malaysia is considering buying 1 million COVID-19 test kits from South Korea if they are reliable / sensitive enough. (Source)
  • Ookla report Internet speeds around Malaysia is slowing down as MCO continues. (Source)
  • Village Grocer Bangsar Village to go through deep-cleaning tonight as a positive patient might have visited the supermarket. (Source)
  • KLIA are filled with travelers from abroad stranded there as they are told to isolate according to the MCO. (Source)
  • KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital now provides the country’s first drive-thru test at RM600 per test. It’s an antigen test which is highly effective. 24 hours per result. Go do it now if you can. More information here. (Source)

There are currently 11 hot zones located around Malaysia (Source):

  • 167 – Lembah Pantai (Federal Territory)
  • 167 – Petaling Jaya
  • 132 – Hulu Langat
  • 78 – Seremban
  • 68 – Johor Bahru
  • 54 – Kluang
  • 53 – Gombak
  • 49 – Titiwangsa
  • 48 – Kota Bharu
  • 48 – Hilir Perak
  • 41 – Kinta


  • Child of Light (a highly rated side scrolling role-playing game launched back in 2014) is now free on UPlay (Source)
  • China is basically swimming in pools of money with their increased mask production. (Source)
  • US tops the list of confirmed cases per country at 85,498 (Source)
  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19 after 1 day of mild symptoms. (Source)
  • Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19 but remains healthy. (Source)
  • Spain death toll passes 4000. (Source)
  • 52 new cases in Singapore bringing total to 683 cases. Alarming for an island state. But given their heavy reliance on connection with other nations through air and sea, it seems to be controlling the situation fairly well. (Source)
  • Sweden sees 296 new cases and 24 new deaths but government and citizens are still moving around normally, no lockdown whatsoever is happening. This is alarming. (Source)



Day 9 of the MCO – COVID19 Malaysia Update

It is Day 9 of the MCO here, I haven’t been updating since Day 4 as I was recovering from my IBS symptoms probably due to food poisoning and inadequate nutrition over the previous couple of weeks. However, I’m back in commission now after 3 days of being horizontal most of the day and another 2 trying to cook and eat more.


  • MCO is extended for another 14 days until 14th April on 25th of March.
  • +235 -> 2031 confirmed cases
  • +5 -> 45 ICU (32 need breathing support)
  • +4 -> 23 deaths
  • +16 -> 215 recovered

KWSP Withdrawal Method

Tunku Alizakri Alias, CEO of KWSP has reported the following way to withdraw RM500 per month from your account 2 for 12 months:

  • Registration via email and post from 1st April
  • Registration via website from 1st May
  • Funds reflected in your account starting from May 2020 Source:


  • Some people are leaving the house to water the plants at the office. (Source)
  • Good vibes: Kuching Hotel provides free accommodation to healthcare workers in order to isolate them from their family members after duty. (Source)
  • Singapore Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) validity for Malaysian-registered vehicles to be extended to June 30th. (Source)
  • Tips on what to do during the extended MCO period here
  • Malaysia government is planning to bail out local airline companies with M&A and debt measures. (Source)
  • Youtube defaults video quality worldwide to 480p to reduce strain on their server as the world is on lockdown. (Source)
  • 7 Istana Negara staffs tested positive for COVID-19. (Source)
  • YDP King and Queen has tested negative for COVID-19. Starts self quarantine for 14 days on 25th March (Source)
  • Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) is now contactable 24/7 in this pandemic. (Source)
  • Head of Police reports that Tabligh cluster local participants only at around 10k people, not previously believed 14-16k people. (Source)
  • Two areas (Kampung Datuk Ibrahim Majid and Bandar Baharu Datuk Ibrahim Majid) in Kluang Johor are in enhanced lockdown for 2 weeks where 650 families are locked in their houses. (Source)


  • Malaysia tops Asia searches for ‘coronavirus’ on Pornhub. (Source)
  • Free mobile data from every telco carriers in Malaysia. (Source)


  • Singapore sees 10% dip in GDP QoQ, braces for recession. (Source)
  • US tops daily increase in number of cases on 25th March 2020 with 14024 new cases, and 265 new deaths
  • In 5th January 2020, WHO published that they have observed an unknown cause of pneumonia in Wuhan, China, it’s been 81 days, and over 471k confirmed cases. CCP has gave everyone free lockdown time by covering up the virus at the beginning of January. Now, every other idiots around the world has to die. (Source)
  • On side note: A possible vaccine was created by Moderna and NIH went into clinical trails on 16th March. “That marks a 63-day gap between scientists sequencing the virus’s genes for the first time and doctors injecting a vaccine candidate into a person’s arm. It’s overwhelmingly the world record,” Fauci said.
  • Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American immunologist who serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force addressing the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.
  • For medical imaging professionals, here is an imaging database by Italy Society of Radiology



Day 2 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 19th March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.

    +110 new cases in MALAYSIA -> Total 900 confirmed.
    +15 recovered -> Total 75 recovered
    +5 in ICU -> Total 20 currently in ICU
    576 from 900 are from Tabligh cluster
    821 in treatment
  • NEIGHBOUR COUNTRY NEWS: Indonesia is now cancelling Muslim pilgrim rallies. (Source)
  • Seremban newspaper sellers are complaining about the MCO imposed on them stating that newspaper are sources of information as well. (Source)
  • GOOD NEWS: China records 0 new domestic cases in Wuhan. However, people should remain cautious as they report 34 new imported abroad (Source) (Source)
  • 3rd wave of cases in Malaysia likely if we continue to move around. (Source)
  • Italy records 475 deaths in the last day, largest increase in deaths nationwide. A sad day for all our Italian friends. (Source)
  • Tourism Ministry cancels Visit Malaysia 2020. (Source)
  • Massive Covid-19 prayer session with 25k devotees sparked an outcry in Bangladesh. (Source)
  • Police nationwide to run roadblock operations due to the lack of compliance to the MCO. (Source)
  • Bus go-er from Johor Bahru to Kuantan during 16th March confirmed positive COVID-19 at Kuantan. (Source)
  • If you have seen social media posts or messages online about the armed forces using helicopters to spray disinfectant, it is FAKE NEWS! (Source) (Source)
  • FAKE NEWS NOTICE! There was no patient running away from Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Perak.
  • Only critical industries are allowed to remain operation during MCO. (Source)
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs will bank in RM8.94million in stages to 22,000 asnaf including frontliners to help combat the COVID-19
  • +110 new cases in MALAYSIA -> Total 900 confirmed.
    +15 recovered -> Total 75 recovered
    +5 in ICT -> Total 20 currently in ICU
    576 from 900 are from Tabligh cluster
    821 in treatment (Source)
  • If you have symptoms or are unsure of your current situation, visit
  • Selangor records highest case count at 223
    Kuala Lumpur at 123
    Sabah 112
    Johor 101
    Negeri Sembilan 56
    Sarawak 51
    Kelantan 44
    Kedah 40
    Perak 35
    Pahang 32
    Penang 32
    Malacca 20
    Terengganu 11
    Perlis 9
    Putrajaya 6
    Labuan 5
  • Malaysia seeks for 2000 Rohingya men that attended the Tabligh gathering. (Source)
  • A DRB-HICOM subsidiary employee tested positive for COVID-19 in Pekan, Pahang. (Source)
  • RapidKL ridership drops 66% on 18th March as MCO begins. (Source)
  • Malaysia now has the 3rd highest number of COVID-19 cases behind China and South Korea surpassing Japan (889). (Source)
  • Malaysian participants of the Indonesia tabligh are not allowed to return home until the MCO lifts on 31st March. (Source)
  • Bus go-er from Johor Bahru that tested positive for COVID-19 has shown symptoms and had been taken sample for testing in Johor Bahru, told to stay home while awaiting results, however he did not comply and traveled anyway. (Source)
  • Police force roams the streets to ensure the public is following the MCO. (Source)
    Head of Police for Southwest District Superintendent A A Anbalaga advocates people to stay at home while they work. Please stay at home! (Source)
  • Case breakdown as of 19th March based on clusters. (Source)
  • Melaka Tengah, Alor Gajah and parts of Jasin is facing water supply stoppage. (Source)
  • A family has been seen having picnic at public space, however the police has warned them to leave and go home.
  • Tabligh Cluster info
  • Distracted Grab Driver in Penang hits police roadblock while distracted. People still aren’t used to the MCO. (Source)
  • Report your employer to Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) if you are denied salary during this MCO. Refer to the document below.
  • You can report any type of gatherings you see in public to the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) via WhatsApp 1 or WhatsApp 2 (010-9699435 OR 0108608949)
  • Kubang Pasu District police observes pasar malam gathering. (Source)
  • 44 locations of road block will be implemented in the state of Pahang. (Source)
  • Pahang: All shops to operate only from 7AM – 7PM applicable to Kuantan, Pekan, Jerantut, Bentong and Temerloh from this Saturday, March 21 onwards . (Source)
  • Army will be dispatched if citizens do not comply to MCO, Defense Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob estimates only 60% of Malaysians are complying. (Source)
  • Sarawak: More quarantine centers to be added for PUI (Source)
  • Sarawak Quarantine Centres are as follows:
    – Institut Kemajuan Desa (NEW)
    – Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (NEW)
    – Sarawak and Tun Abdul Razak Campus Teacher’s Training College (NEW)
    – Sarawak Public Health College
    – Kemuyang Youth Camp
    – Similajau National Park 
    – Petronas Games Village
  • Sarawak: All F&B locations to close at 8PM daily until MCO ends. (Source)
  • Police to seek for 4000+ Tabligh attendees as they are not reporting (Source)
  • Kelantan man arrested after refusing police’s instruction to leave public space. (Source)
  • 8600 more police personnel to be moved to enforce MCO. (Source)
  • More glove production to be expected. (Source)
  • China donates gloves and protective gears to Malaysia. (Source)
  • Penang: Zakat Pulau Pinang to distribute RM500 aid to underprivileged stall owners. (Source)
  • SINGAPORE: +34 cases -> Total 345 confirmed.24/34 are imported cases.+7 recovered -> Total 124 recovered (Source)
  • AIBIM Member banks offer financial assistance such as loan payment deferment for those who are affected by the MCO. Details in PDF before.
  • Kuala Lumpur eateries to ban 24 hour operated kitchens, only to open from 6AM to 10PM daily.
  • Mimos Bukit Jalil employee test positive for COVID-19. (Source)
  • More updates coming as reports emerge…