Day 71 MCO 27th May Malaysia CCP Virus COVID-19 Update

MCO Question of the day: Are you a sheep?


Malaysia 27th May CCP Virus COVID-19 Update
  • +15 > 7619 Total Confirmed Cases (6 imported, 9 local transmission: 4 foreigners, 5 Msian)
  • +0 > 115 Deaths (1.51% of total)
  • +42 > 6083 Total Recovered (79.84% of total)
  • 18 ICU (4 require ventilator)
  • 1421 Active Cases (18.65%)
  • Lowest daily increase of cases since the MCO
  • For detailed updates on the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, visit the Director General Ministry of Health here.


  • Be a sheep and listen to the government to continue distancing yourselves from the people you love in a situation that you can fix with removing carbs and vegetable oil from your diet.
Here’s the daily number of tests done per day in Malaysia.
  • Malaysia still uses hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID patients. Guess if it works, then it’s fine. (Source)


  • Sweden has confirmed 597 new COVID-19 cases and 96 new deaths, raising the country’s total to 34,440 with 4,125 confirmed deaths.
  • Lebanon Records 21 New Coronavirus Cases, Raising Total to 1140.
  • 3 new coronavirus cases confirmed in Gaza.
  • Spain has declared a 10-day official mourning period from Wednesday to honour COVID-19 victims.
  • Minnesota ICU beds in use for COVID-19 patients reach new high.
  • Russia confirmed 8,915 new COVID-19 cases and 174 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 362,342 with 3,807 deaths.

Ultra short update today.

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