Day 70 MCO 26th May Malaysia CCP Virus COVID-19 Update

MCO Question of the day: What will happen to the Malaysia economy if all foreign workers are deported back to their home countries?


Malaysia 26th May CCP Virus COVID-19 Update
  • +187 > 7604 Total Confirmed Cases (10 imported, 177 local: 173 foreigners, 4 Msian)
  • +0 > 115 Deaths (1.51% of total)
  • +62 > 6041 Total Recovered (79.44% of total)
  • 8 ICU (5 require ventilator)
  • 1448 Active Cases (19.04%)
  • For detailed updates on the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, visit the Director General Ministry of Health here.


  • A new MOH policy allows COVID patients to be discharged after 2 weeks hospital treatment if they have no more symptoms. This is due to the RT-PCT detecting dead virus cells. (Source)
  • Covid-19: Malaysians, MM2H participants stranded in Thailand happy to return home. (Source)
  • Ismail Sabri: 31 slapped with compounds for making Raya visits. What a world we live in now. (Source)
  • Early screening helped uncover new Covid-19 cluster at construction site, says senior minister. Ah duh. (Source)
  • Ismail Sabri: Let’s see how those who evaded interstate roadblocks fare when they return home from Raya holiday. Sounds like a challenge. (Source)
  • The 4 person in a car rule will be revoked tomorrow. (Source)


  • A UK hospital has stopped taking new admissions because of the high number of patients already there with COVID-19.
Bournemouth beaches packed with hundreds of Brits during scorching bank holiday. Great to see business back as usual at Britain.
  • Researchers at UC San Diego Health have found that losing your sense of smell suggests a milder version of COVID-19 than other forms of the disease. (Source)
Wuhan’s tourism agency in their first tweet after January 25.
  • Since May 25, Syria has not recorded any local COVID-19 case and meanwhile it decided to return Syrians from abroad.
  • Greece allowed cafes and restaurants to reopen on Monday as part of a gradual lifting of its coronavirus restrictions.
  • Virginia public health officials just reported a record jump in new COVID-19 cases with 1,483.
  • Peru confirmed 4,020 new COVID-19 cases and 173 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 123,979 with 3,629 deaths.
  • WHO warns of ‘second peak’ in areas where COVID-19 declining. (Source)
  • Bangladesh confirmed 1,975 new COVID-19 cases and 21 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 35,585 with 501 deaths
  • South Africa confirmed 1,032 new COVID-19 cases and 52 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 23,615 with 481 deaths.
  • Brazil President Bolsonaro rallies with supporters amid virus surge. Not sure if he knows the science or he’s just thickheaded, since he denied the severity of the virus even before any substantial data came out. Guess he’s a time traveler. (Source)
  • Brazil confirmed 13,051 new COVID-19 cases and 806 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 376,669 with 23,522 deaths
  • India confirmed 6,414 new COVID-19 cases and 148 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 144,950 with 4,172 deaths.
  • Face Masks With Electric Fields Might Be Able to Kill Coronavirus on Contact. Much wow, sounds like more hospital visits due to accidental injury than COVID. (Source)
  • A new study published in The Journals of Gerontology suggests that genetics may play a role in why some people are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than others. Guess what? It’s the food we eat.

Another short update today. See you tomorrow.

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