Day 66 MCO 22nd May Malaysia CCP Virus COVID-19 Update

MCO Question of the day: Should we stay home and be depressed than going out to get sunlight (Vitamin D) and mixing with people (socializing) this Aidilfitri.


  • Malaysia 22nd May CCP Virus COVID-19 Update
  • +78 > 7137 Total Confirmed Cases (25 imported, 53 local transmission) (Of 53, 40 are foreigners)
  • +1 > 115 Deaths (1.60% of total)
  • +63 > 5859 Total Recovered (82.09% of total)
  • 9 ICU (5 require ventilator)
  • 1163 Active Cases


  • People are no longer allowed to traval inter-state as the government sees a huge amount of traffic due to the Aidilfitri celebration. I say let them travel, we need the herd immunity that can be achieved during this celebration.
  • Malaysian overseas that wishes to return home now need to fill an online form consenting to 14 day quarantine once home. (Source)
  • Our MOH DG celebrates Hari Raya at the hospital every year together with fellow frontliners. (Source)
  • Malaysia economy is expected to see a huge dip this year. Says expert. (Source)
  • Reports show that the MCO is more effective than the CMCO. Ah duh.. (Source)


  • Italy confirmed 813 new COVID-19 cases and 162 new deaths on Tuesday, a big increase from the 451 new cases and 99 new deaths reported on Monday, which was the lowest number of new cases since March 2 and the lowest death toll since March 9.
  • The world’s top gastronomic guides are split over whether to continue rating restaurants with many closed because of coronavirus.
  • Brazil recorded a new daily record of 1,179 deaths from COVID-19 on Tuesday, with a total of 17,971 total fatalities and 271,628 confirmed cases, the health ministry said.
The Netherlands have reported a case of animal-to-human transmission of COVID-19 at a mink farm.
  • Iran continues to see a rise in new coronavirus cases after easing its lockdown.
The consumption of wild animals in Wuhan have been banned.
Hunting and trading of wildlife will also be banned.
In my opinion, it doesn’t make any sense to ban consumption of wild animal as long as it’s handle properly.
  • Brazil health ministry recommends chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine to treat even mild COVID-19 cases, despite lack of conclusive evidence of effectiveness. Here’s another Trump.
  • Coronavirus deaths in South Africa are projected “to soar” in the coming months. At least 40,000 people could die by the end of the year, scientists have warned. (Source)
  • Spain has made it required by law for all citizens, including children over six, to wear masks in public spaces. This pandemic has made the world into a police state starting with forcing people to wear masks. (Source)
  • Singapore confirmed 614 new cases, bringing the total to 30,426.
All pre-school & primary school students in S’pore will be given face shields by June 8, 2020.
  • What is wrong with the photo above? The boy is eating a nugget which is a highly processed meat.

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