Day 64 MCO – 20th May Malaysia CCP Virus COVID-19 Update

MCO Question of the day: Shall people be staying at home and not going to gyms or should we start regaining our health to strengthen our immune system to fight the CCP Virus?


  • Malaysia 20th May CCP Virus COVID-19 Update
  • +31 > 7009 Total Confirmed Cases (10 imported, 21 local transmission) (Of 21, 10 are foreigners)
  • +0 > 114 Deaths (1.62% of total)
  • +60 > 5706 Total Recovered (81.4% of total)
  • 11 ICU (7 require ventilator)
  • 1189 Active Cases
  • People are encouraged to donate blood as the blood bank is running dry.


  • Hair saloons are still banned from opening.
  • Gyms are banned from opening, but is not working out and staying in better than .


  • UK pm Jonhson’s spokesman when asked about Trump’s words on hydroxychloroquine – “it is not something our own medical experts are recommending”
  • TORONTO (AP) — Official: US and Canada extend agreement to keep border closed to non-essential travel to June 21.
  • US economy risks ‘permanent damage’ the longer COVID-19 shutdown drags on: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. Although I do not agree with most GOP policies, I have to say that this is actually far from a lie.
  • Six positive tests for coronavirus at Premier League clubs according to the English top-flight. They will likely be fine.
  • More than 100 million people in China face new lockdown as second wave of COVID-19 cases emerge. (Source)
  • TIME says that the pandemic is far from over as outbreak are seen in multiple countries around the world. Another major publication bringing fear to the people when the pandemic isn’t at all dangerous, just look at the death rate. (Source)

Short update today.

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