Day 62 MCO – 18th May Malaysia CCP Virus COVID-19 Update

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  • Malaysia 18th May CCP Virus COVID-19 Update
  • +47 > 6941 Total Confirmed Cases (21 imported, 26 local transmission)
  • +0 > 113 Deaths (1.62% of total)
  • +44 > 5615 Total Recovered (80.89% of total)
  • 13 ICU (6 require ventilator)
  • 1213 Active Cases
  • ‭443,263‬ people are tested done so far
  • 436,369 tests are negative
Data from CPRC KKM as of 18th May 2020.


  • Covid-19: Several students test positive after skipping self-quarantine. (Source)
  • 6 arrested for having a karaoke session in Sarikei. (Source)
  • MCO Question of the day: Are we living in a police state or are we still in a democracy?
  • KKM again tells parents to not bring their kids out if they don’t have to. But I think kids are way more equipped in terms of immune strength and potentiality to develop an immune response. Spreading the virus when the medical facilities are overprepared and underutilized is the best time to do so. However, sadly, we think that hiding our heads inside the sand can solve all problems. What a joke! (Source)
  • TTDI market ordered partially closed until June. (Source)


  • Singapore confirmed 305 new cases of Covid-19 today (May 18), bringing the total to 28,343. Two of the new cases are Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents.
  • WHO reports that the United States, UK, and the Switzerland are standing in the way of making the COVID-19 vaccine a people’s vaccine which means everyone gets it for free. But, don’t we hate communism? The question remains. (Source)
  • Popular media tries to demonize Sweden’s approach towards the handling of the pandemic by reporting that that the country records deadliest month in almost 30 years. Ain’t that the truth in many Europe countries and the US. (Source)
  • Turkey schools will not be reopened this year.
  • Is Bill Gates the merchant of death or an angel? Popular media again tries to pin down antivaxxers saying that Gates is the boogeyman for virus conspiracy theorists. But isn’t there something called freedom of speech? (Source)
  • Scientists in Switzerland and the US has found that the SARS antibody found in patients that survived the SARS epidemic from 2003 has immunity towards the CCP Virus as well. (Source)
  • Xi Jin Ping defense his country’s approach towards the handling of the pandemic. Well of course he does. (Source)
  • There is a huge push in the UK parliament to the root cause of the complications caused by the CCP Virus as Boris Johnson aims to fight obesity to better the outcome of CCP Virus sufferers. (Source)
  • Indonesia CCP Virus case raises past 18k with death toll at 1191. (Source)
  • Sweden has confirmed 234 new #COVID19 cases and 19 new deaths, raising the country’s total to 30,377 with 3,698 confirmed deaths.
  • A french study has concluded that the number of unknown #COVID19 cases is less that previously thought.
  • Cambridge scientist suggests virus did not originate in Wuhan. (Source)
  • Outbreak at Chinese-owned factory shows challenges of easing India’s lockdown. (Source)

Another short update today. Back to work.

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