Day 59 MCO – 15th May Malaysia CCP Virus COVID-19 Update

Traffic around Klang Valley has increased on my way to and from work today. Things are picking up, people are seen going out and about jogging at public parks. It’s refreshing to see things go back to normal after all these debacle that affects people who doesn’t take care of their health and diet.


Malaysia 15th May CCP Virus COVID-19 Update
  • Malaysia 15th May CCP Virus COVID-19 Update
  • +36 > 6855 Total Confirmed Cases (28 cases are foreigners, 8 locals) (1 imported)
  • +0 > 112 Deaths (1.63% of total)
  • +88 > 5439 Total Recovered (79.3% of total)
  • 14 ICU (5 require ventilator)
  • 1304 Active Cases
  • 424306 people are tested done so far
  • 417451 tests are negative
Breakdown of CCP Virus COVID-19 cases as of 15th May 2020.


  • National mosque in KL holds Friday prayers today for the first time since MCO. Ahhh the smell of god. (Source)
  • Malaysia private sector business association members report losses of up to RM500m during MCO. (Source)
  • IRB uploads guidelines for payment deferment, revised tax estimation for companies. Get the latest here. (Source)
  • MCO survey: Part-timers hardest hit job-wise; report greater negative mental wellbeing just like students, unemployed. (Source)
  • Malaysia signs record rice import deal with India, say exporters. All these carbs during the pandemic, this shows how little we understand about nutrition and it’s effect on our health. (Source)
  • Virtual career fair #beliabekerja on May 18 to 22. (Source)


  • WHO says that the virus cannot be abolished at once, that we will need to live with a new normal. A little too late for that announcement aye. (Source)
  • Venezuela has confirmed 15 new coronavirus cases and 0 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 455 with 10 confirmed deaths.
  • TRUMP: “When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing we would have very few cases.”
  • Trump: “coronavirus testing might be “overrated”
  • The United States has:
  • 4% of the global population
  • 32% of global COVID-19 cases
  • 28% of global COVID-19 deaths
  • Canada has confirmed 1,122 new coronavirus cases and 170 new deaths today, raising the country’s total to 73,400 with 5,472 confirmed deaths.
  • Saudi Arabia is the World’s 8th Highest COVID19 Cases/24hrs — the Highest rate of new cases in the Middle East.
  • Saudi Arabia Total Cases 46,869+2,039/24 hours.
  • Brazil has confirmed 13,944 new COVID-19 cases and 844 new deaths, raising the country’s total to 202,918 with 13,993 confirmed deaths. This is the largest one-day case & death increase reported so far.
  • Iran’s Health Ministry: Total CoronaVirus cases in Iran are now 116,635 & number of deaths 6902. As of yesterday 2102 new infections & 48 deaths reported. That’s the highest number of new cases in approx two weeks. 91836 have so far recovered from COVID-19 & 2727 are in critical condition. 658,604 tests done so far.
  • Singapore confirmed 793 new cases of Covid-19 today (May 15), bringing the total to 26,891. Only one is a Singaporean. Damn Singapore, you got lots of foreigners for an island state.
  • Singapore: 20k construction workers to be returning to work starting June 2nd.
  • First UFC fight since the global pandemic lockdown to happen tomorrow.

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