Day 17 – Phase 2 MCO – 3rd April COVID-19 Update

We are 11 days from the end of the MCO. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.


  • +217 > 3333 Total Confirmed Cases (58 from Tabligh)
  • +3 > 53 Deaths (1.59% Death rate)
  • +60 > 827 Recovered (24.8% recovery rate)
  • 118 ICU (54 cases require ventilator)
  • 47723 Total Tested
  • 36125 Negative
  • 8265 Pending
  • ZERO cases from the 138 KKM staffs that are infected with COVID-19 are caused by their work. Good job to the government supplying proper PPE and the hardwork of the healthcare workers to take absolute precautions. (Source)


  • Sepang, Kuala Selangor, Alor Gajah, Kota Samarahan now considered orange zones and would be sanitized. (Source)
  • Some feel good news, citizen treats Grab rider to BurgerLab meal via the app. (Source)
  • Online appointment and Webinar for COVID-19 initiatives to begin as MOH signs MoU with 4 online health service companies to alleviate the stress on healthcare services and to enforce social distancing. (Source)
  • There will no mass gatherings even after the MCO is lifted this 14th April. Say goodbye to Bazaar Ramadhan, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and many more for at least a year. The earliest time the vaccine can be injected in our arms are most likely to be mid of 2021. (Source)
  • Sarawak assistant transport minister has tested positive for COVID-19 after knowing that his maid has tested positive. He has no symptoms and currently under quarantine. (Source)
  • Sabah government confirms that they are not allowing Ramadan bazaar to go on. We may be looking at even a larger boom in delivery businesses for food. (Source)
  • Good to see local companies are donating to the government to tackle this pandemic. (Source)
  • MBPJ congratulates people of PJ for abiding the MCO. (Source)
  • Pahang’s regent Tengku Mahkota forgoing 6 months of his allowance to COVID-19 fund. (Source)
  • Prices of surgical masks are skyrocketing. Watson stores are selling 4-ply masks for RM15/5 pieces. (Source)
  • Our National Zoo (Zoo Negara) is looking for donation amidst this crisis as people are no longer visiting the zoo. (Source)
  • You can call the PR and Marketing Department of the Zoo at +603-41083422/7/8 or email at
  • Stay strong police (Source)
  • Perak receives 11 million from GLC and private bodies to fight COVID-19. (Source)
  • Sabah villages gives away their surplus produce to neighbors during the MCO. (Source)
  • 97 wet markets are to be tightly controlled around the nation. (Source)
  • Hospital bed hospitalization reaches 40%. (Source)
  • Everyone should be wary of Malaysians coming home from Singapore as the circuit breaker efforts beginning next week. (Source)


WHO Head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pictured here blinded by China’s influence. (Illustration by Eric Chow)
  • WHO continues to show major influence from China as they refuse to talk about Taiwan and their effective measures against the COVID-19. (Source)
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  • 1 million confirmed cases reported globally. (Source)
  • Thailand imposes nationwide curfew on 10pm to 4am daily starting on Friday. (Source)
  • USA and Spain leads the death rate as global death count reaches 50k. (Source)
  • Our neighbor, Singapore announces partial lockdown starting from 7th April (next Tuesday) for a month as cases keep rising with no trends of slowing down. (Source)
People stand behind markers as they practice social distancing while queueing up to buy food at a supermarket, during the outbreak of coronavirus disease (Covid-19), in Singapore April 3, 2020. — Reuters pic
Kiasu people queuing up for supplies right after PM Le announced the lockdown. (Photo: MalayMail)
  • UK recorded 4450 new case and 684 new death from yesterday. This is alarming! (Source)
  • NYC sees 10482 new confirmed cases and 397 new deaths in their morning update. (Source)
  • Philippines’s President Duterte warns against violating lockdown by saying to ‘Shoot Them Dead’. This might sound harsh but it’s actually a smart move. Authoritarian power is what we need to curb this invisible enemy. (Source)
  • Youtube Kids boomed in watch hours and in-app spending during the lockdown. Netflix too sees a huge increase of app installs in Q1 2020. (Source)
  • Netflix sees 19 billion USD increase in market value as Disney sees 88 billion USD decrease in market value as people stop going out to Disneyland. (Source)
  • Africa will be the worst hit continent by the COVID-19 there are still rampant starvation going on. (Source)
  • Hong Kong eateries are feeling confused with half open shops to enforce social distancing. (Source)

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