Day 4 – Malaysia Movement Control Order 21st March 2020 (COVID-19 Update)

You already know what COVID-19 is, let’s get down to the updates. Updates will be in point forms with summary of the news articles or summary images. Let’s refer to Movement Control Order as MCO in this page. Please call 03-88882010 or 03-88888126 or visit any police station nearby to inquire more information about the MCO.

It is Day 4 of the Movement Control Order in the whole of Malaysia. The Army (ATM) will be in action starting from midnight, backing up the police to better enforce the MCO. I am experiencing a low grade fever after an evening nap at around 6pm. I have been feeling stomach discomfort since morning as I’ve eaten food that aren’t the best for me in the past week. (I have been a carnivore eater since 2018 to resolve my IBS issue, however due to the MCO, I haven’t been able to procure meat, therefore I’ve been eating canned meat along with random carb-loaded food, which might be detrimental to my stomach after the long hiatus). Mind that I’m not taking any paracetamol or Panadol as many evidence has shown that reducing your body temperature is working against your body’s natural immune system as it works best at a slightly higher temperatures. More updates on my health as I progress to recovery.

Let’s see what’s happened today.


  • +153 Cases -> Total 1183 confirmed cases
    Of 1183, 24 medical workers are infected, this is a bad sign, as there will be a lack of personnel in the workforce to fight against the virus. (Source)
    +4 deaths -> Total 8 deaths
    +11 in ICU -> Total 37 in ICU
    23/ 37 require ventilation support, this is bad, it’s very tough to recover from this. (Source)
    +27 recovered -> Total 114 recovered
    The government is currently seeking for 500 more ventilators as they expect a rise in cases in the coming weeks. 925 are being used in 26 general hospitals. (Source)
  • 3400 beds, 300 ICU are available in the 26 general hospitals.
  • So far, KKM has taken 500 homeless people to designated locations to do screening. Props to the government for not letting any stones unturned. (Source)
  • A pregnant patient hid tabligh link went for a C-section in Hospital Laguna Merbok, Kedah causing whole hospital to shut down for 2 days for disinfection. People, please, please disclose every single travel history you have if you are going to the hospital. (Source)
  • MEDICAL WORKERS WE NEED YOUR HELP! Click here to sign up to volunteer.

A grim day for our neighbor, Singapore

  • SG reports first 2 deaths. (Source)
  • Both of them admitted into ICU at NCID (National Center for Infectious Disease).
  • 75 year old Singaporean lady admitted 23rd Feb
  • 64 year old Indonesia admitted 13th March

Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine

  • Government has announced a total of 409 quarantine centers for all around Malaysia. Link to the pdf at bottom of this page.
  • Penang Air Itam citizens are still out and about during the 4th day of the MCO. It’s sad how people are illiterate these days. (Source)
  • DIGI now offers free 1GB of data daily to all their users to help with communications during the MCO. (Source)
  • Maxis offers free data for users to surf MOH.GOV.MY. IMO, this is a pathetic move, most people aren’t only visiting the main website for new news.
  • Celcom offers free data for Whatsapp call or video call and free unlimited access to Microsoft 365.
  • Unifi offers 999GB data for those using their mobile data plan during the MCO. (Source)
  • The army will NOT USE FORCE. They are merely helping the police. (Source)


  • Harapan party is willing to allow the ex-Health Minister to take over if the current Health Minister would quit, after his live telecast yesterday night telling the people to drink warm water in order to flush the virus from the throat the stomach so the acid could kill the virus. THIS IS WRONG AND DOES NOT WORK. (Source)
  • A video showing the caliber of the Singapore’s Health Minister shows stark difference from our own Health Minister. (Source)
  • Comedian Dr Jason Leong debunks claim by the Health Minister. (Source)
  • Kuantan to start partial lockdown, with shorter working hours for essential services. (Source)
  • Malaysians in Italy would need to wait as the Italy government has rescinded landing permit for foreign aircraft. (Source)
  • Bank Negara release FAQ on the loan deferment details announced during this time of crisis. Call your bank to find out how you can defer your payments if you are affected or lost your income due to the MCO. (Source)
  • Sarawak is not in total lockdown, but reducing operating hours for essential services. (Source)
  • See if your area has any confirmed cases here:
  • Selangor tops the infection count at 292 cases infected. More details here:
  • If you’re a data guy, you might wanna check here:
  • Chaos in Brickfields as people flock to buy food and supplies. Not a smart move, people. (Source)
  • Indonesia estimates half a million people could have had contact with those tested positive. (Source)
  • Some businesses in Subang Jaya had their licenses revoked as they defy MCO. (Source)
  • GOOD NEWS: China reports 0 new local cases, 41 backflow cases.


  • Grocery delivery guys are the hero on this tough time. They risk being infected, however they are determined to fulfill their duty and contribute to the nation. Hear their story here.
  • Drawing by Nixon Siow shows the challenges his girlfriend is enduring as a medical staff. (Source)
  • Daughter of a 5th man that died of COVID-19 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur tweets about her emotions. (Source)


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