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Are you constantly dismissing Information from the Internet?

Dismissing sources of information from the Internet just because there are some bad information out there is like shutting down a university just because a few students misspelled the word ‘orange’. Don’t be a believer, read or watch first, then you can judge, please remember that not everything you’ve been taught is accurate forever, science is skeptical of it’s own findings, science is always finding something new, science is humanity’s strongest tool in moving us forward.

The Internet is just another communication medium that just happened to be faster, richer, and more accessible. You wouldn’t be able to read what I’ve written here if it weren’t for the Internet.

We invented the Internet so we don’t have to wait for mails or pigeons to arrive whenever we need to send information to another person at another location.

Yes, I know the Internet has it’s bane too, fake news, impersonation, fake identity, illegal trading, untraceable drugs/ fire arms black market, and etc are only the few things that scratches the surface on the dark side of the Internet.

But please do remember this: Fakes news and bad information exists bar none of the communication medium.

So, read or watch any source of argument whether if it is siding to your pre-conceived beliefs or not before judging. Hell, be skeptical on everything you’re told, no matter if that person is an enemy or a friend, because they might be wrong.

By james

Lifter, nutrition enthusiast, and programmer who's interested in writing and sharing information/ opinions on nutrition, health, and exercise dwelling especially in ketogenic, paleo, bodybuilding, and weightlifting related topics.

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